The EduFutura Jyväskylä summer tour was planned and realised in co-operation between JAMK, the University of Jyväskylä and the Jyväskylä municipal education consortium during the spring and summer of 2017. Over the course of the two-month summer tour, a four-person student team took part in a total of 17 summer events. On the tour, the students told audiences about the education opportunities in Central Finland and discussed different themes of learning with people. They also compiled interviews for a later publication and posted updates from the tour on social media.

All in all, the summer tour was a successful way to bring messages from students to students and other interested people. The tour improved not only EduFutura’s level of recognition, but co-operation and a sense of unity between educational organisations as well.

The students’ experience was that people across Finland have quite positive attitudes towards Jyväskylä, the education opportunities in Jyväskylä and education co-operation. The fruits of the tour were not limited to attracting attention, as the tour has genuinely generated local and societal discussion, which is important.

The summer tour also gave birth to a book, which is a comprehensive cross-section of Finnish students’ learning experiences. The student team heard and recorded different Finnish students’ experiences with school and learning. The interviews gave the team an abundance of ideas regarding the direction in which Finnish education should be taken in the future.

In the book, Professor Jouni Välijärvi mirrors people’s stories against research information and observations related to topics such as PISA evaluations.

– The stories involve people describing their own experiences and views regarding school very openly and honestly. The young team has managed to gain the interviewees’ trust in an exceptional manner, Jouni Välijärvi says.

Memories from the 2017 summer tour

“What an awesome and unforgettable summer job :) fun, versatile and challenging. The best part was the people’s trust in us, which has enabled us to develop ourselves massively. I can’t remember the last time I’ve learned so much in such a short time.”

“It was fun to market EduFutura to people, as this is a pretty fun topic to talk about and people had an open mind about it.”

“I have particularly fond memories of the Häyrylänranta Pop & Blues festival and the sheep at the Konnevesi Research Station <3, the Finnish Championships in Athletics and the wonderful Airbnb accommodation. The tour of the Veljekset Keskinen department store in Tuuri and the boys at Qstock who were excited about the VR game, were given EduFutura shirts and came by the stand the next day wearing the shirts... as well as the more or less tired moments in the student team where we laughed our butts off at terrible inside jokes, which we accumulated plenty of over the course of the summer!”

“I also remember the evenings of arriving at our local accommodations, transcribing, transferring pictures onto the computer, playing cards, having a sauna, swimming, singing, playing the piano/violin, picking wild strawberries, roasting marshmallows...”

“The best part was that this tour managed to combine the skills and contacts of so many people.”