JAMK is committed to renewing its educational structures supporting lifelong learning in accord-ance with its education resolution. This commitment is described in both JAMK’s strategy and its agreement with the Ministry of Education and Culture.

The renewed JAMK takes care of the learners’ learning throughout their careers. New forms of learning, specialisation studies, continu-ing education, year-round studying and open higher education are particular areas of develop-ment.

In 2017, agile efforts were made to promote lifelong learning. Having started its work in 2017, the Lifelong Learning Development Team distributed strategy funding towards the planning and implementation of new education programmes that support lifelong learning.

– After an open application procedure, strategy funding was granted for 27 vastly different, innova-tive projects. More than a hundred people of JAMK worked in these agile development projects over the course of the year, says President of the Lifelong Learning Development Team Pekka Risku, Director of the Teacher Education College.

– One significant aspect was the eager co-operation between different units, which was considered to be highly fruitful and produce re-source wisdom.

The strategy funding helped complete new education programmes in terms of planning or even implementation. The funding was used to solve problems that hinder the progress of degree pro-grammes, develop new products for the domestic and international markets alike and experiment with various technical solutions designed to make studies more flexible.

– When reading the project reports, we can be pleased with the results we have achieved, as they promote lifelong learn-ing in many ways among the students and the staff alike, rejoices Specialist Tytti Pintilä from the Educational Development Services.

Lifelong learning was supported by means such as developing flexible online language studies. The combination of work and studies was supported in different fields, and converting work into studies in fields such as elite sports, hospitality management and international logistics was im-proved. Online studies in Master’s degree programmes were developed further. In occupational therapy, a new kind of satellite model facilitating simultaneous studies across Finland was devel-oped.

The Open Studies unit created new, agile competence modules. Modules focusing on fields such as industrial maintenance, digitalisation expertise and modern online technologies responded to the acute competence deficiencies observed in working life.

Online implementations related to courses focusing on the young farmer’s start-up support were developed to support farmers in the middle of a generational handover.

Two new Diplomas of Higher Education (60 credits) were launched: Asiakasohjauksen korkeakouludiplomi (“Customer Guidance Diploma of Higher Educa-tion”) for the social and health services field and Matkailun vastuullinen tuotekehitys (“Responsi-ble Product Development in Tourism”) Diploma of Higher Education.

JAMK is now able to provide up-to-date special competence modules in fields such as cyber secu-rity, bioeconomy and music therapy education. Operations management, financial management and financial communications studies are provided as continuing education packages directed towards the social and health services field.

Regarding international co-operation in education, JAMK Summer School and the productisation of the Teacher Education College were developed further. The needs of the counselling and teach-ing field were responded to with modules such as the Osaavaksi ohjaajaksi (“Counselling Compe-tence”) programme, the Opettajana opettajuuden muutoksessa (“As a Teacher in a Changing Field”) coaching programme and the PedaTrainer career tutor training programme targeted to-wards basic education. Teaching needs were also responded to by surveying why UAS students’ studies get delayed and by proposing agile solutions to the challenges discovered during the late stages of degree programmes.

More information about the results achieved with strategy funding for lifelong learning can be found on the JAMK blog:

Lifelong Learning at JAMK University of Applied Sciences