JAMK University of Applied Sciences took part in the World Expo for the first time.

A good indication of the size of the event is the fact it attracted a total of 3.8 million visitors between June and September and the total area of the event was 25 hectares. The Finnish pavilion featured 72 businesses and educational institutions. Organised in Central Asia for the first time, the Expo featured 112 countries and 18 international organisations. Finland was the only Nordic country to participate.

– Education was one of the main themes of the exhibition at the Finnish pavilion. Kazakhstan considers Finland to be a model country in terms of both education and health care, comments educational export specialist Heikki Pusa, who was involved in organising the event on JAMK’s end.

JAMK has been actively operating in Kazakhstan since 2012 in co-operation with the Kazakhstani Finnish Education and Innovation Group (KFEIG) co-operation consortium. In addition to JAMK, the consortium’s members include HAMK Häme University of Applied Sciences, Lahti University of Applied Sciences LAMK and Tampere Adult Education Centre TAKK.

The pavilion featured four mini buildings with different themes: Pure Energy, Smart City, Clean Water and Excellent Education. The consortium was given a wall in the Excellent Education building with the theme of vocational education. And who better to talk about education than a student? So, among the people working in the Finnish pavilion were JAMK, HAMK and LAMK students who speak Russian and were trained for the task. 

Heikki Pusa considers the Expo to be a resounding success from JAMK’s perspective.

– Tangible results, such as new education export deals, will not be seen until sometime in the near future. However, our know-how was recognised and appreciated. The Finnish pavilion focused on the future themes that were agreed upon, while some other countries were merely promoting tourism, Pusa ponders.