The Laadullinen tutkimus pro graduna ja opinnäytetyönä (“Qualitative Research as a Master’s or Bachelor’s Thesis”) guidebook for those writing a qualitative thesis has been very popular. Opas Suunta-ryhmän ohjaajalle (“Guidebook for COURSE Group Counsellors”) presents the COURSE group model designed for young parents outside working life and education. Additionally, the series featured publications focusing on topics such as the future of international education at universities of applied sciences, development research as a form of interventionist research, European guidance practices, the business potential of disc golf in Central Finland, as well as gamification and new technologies in music learning.

In addition to the reports and guidebooks published in JAMK’s own series, the staff produced around one hundred other working life-oriented vocational publications. These included articles in electronic and printed professional journals. The staff created more than 30 scientific articles, almost all of which were published in international peer-reviewed journals or compilation works. A few people of JAMK have also served as editors of scientific and professional compilation works. The open distribution of research information online becomes more common each year, and teachers and RDI staff members communicate via media such as specialist blogs. Teachers in the cultural field also appear actively outside JAMK at classical concerts and popular music arenas alike.