In 2016, the JAMK series publications included project publications, practical guides and sheet music books, for example.

In addition to staff members, publications were authored by partner representatives and students. The published JAMK series works included open access publication and publications that are available for purchase. The majority of the series publications are available in both print and digital format. The true best sellers were Jorma Kananen’s Opinnäytetyön ja pro gradun ohjaajan opas (Guide to bachelor's and master's thesis tutors) and the sequels to the Kanteleen kanssa (With kantele) sheet music book by Tiina Takkinen and Ulla Honkonen. Urakortit uuksiksi (Reshuffling your career cards) by Maija Haaranen and Erica Svärd, which gained visibility, even in social media, has maintained its status as a sought-after book. The second part of Aila Pikkarainen’s Gerontologisen kuntoutuksen käsikirja (Manual for gerontological rehabilitation) was also an anticipated piece. Other publications covered occupational well-being, workplace training, education exports, day-and-night care, financial administration, immigrants, guidance related to dyslexia, and application studies.

The number of publications did not quite reach the record level of last year: nearly 400 written publications. The texts aimed at professionals remained the largest group of publications, with the university staff producing more than 120 professional publications. The scientific level of JAMK’s operations is also well maintained, as the number of peer-reviewed scientific articles increased to 50. The JAMK staff’s publication information can be viewed in the Juuli publication portal, which enables searches of all publications released by all Finnish institutes of higher education and research facilities. 

In addition to articles and books, the Ministry of Education and Culture collects information on the artistic activities of university employees and the audiovisual materials and computer software they produce. The concerts held by the staff of the unit of music studies increased the number of JAMK’s art publications to over 200. In addition to this, video publications were released by all units.

JAMK publications can be purchased in the Tähtijulkaisut online shop.