The Degree Programme in Physiotherapy became the most popular JAMK programme.

In the joint national application of spring 2016, 19,210 applicants vied for study places at JAMK. 11,924 people applied for Finnish-language full-time programmes, 4,218 applied for part-time programmes, 921 applied for master’s degree programmes, and 2,147 applied for English-language programmes. JAMK was the primary choice for 5,651 applicants. The number of applicants per place was 4.35 for all JAMK programmes.

In the comparison of primary-choice applicants for all universities of applied sciences, JAMK placed fourth after Metropolia University of Applied Sciences, Tampere University of Applied Sciences and Turku University of Applied Sciences. Last year, JAMK was in sixth place.

The Degree Programme in Physiotherapy became the most popular JAMK programme with 310 applicants, which is 57 more than last year. There were more than 15 applicants for a single study place. The second most popular programme was the Bachelor of Social Services degree programme, with more than 13 applicants for a single study place. 

JAMK’s Degree Programme in Business Information Systems reached a record number of applicants: 153 people went after 40 study places. The numbers for the bachelor’s degree programme in Information and Communications Technology were also high: there were 327 applicants – an increase of 62 from last year.