On a national level, 2016 was the 200th anniversary of midwifery education in Finland. The first maternity hospital that trained midwives was established in Turku in 1816. In Central Finland, midwifery education began in the nursing school in 1975. The programme was moved to JAMK in 1996. By the end of this year, approximately 270 midwives have graduated from JAMK.

Midwives are the oldest female professional group in Finland. The midwifery programme was the first vocational training programme aimed specifically at women. 

“Today, the midwifery programme produces specialists in sexual and reproductive health, who have expertise in midwifery during pregnancy, childbirth and the postnatal period, along with the treatment of gynaecological diseases,” Programme Coordinator Elina Tiainen says.

“Among other things, the profession requires demonstrably strong clinical competence and people skills. In JAMK’s midwifery programme, these skills are taught through contact and virtual education by utilising various methods of practice, such as functional exercises, dialogue exercises and simulated scenarios,” Tiainen explains.

The physiotherapy education began at the Nursing School of Central Finland in 1966. At JAMK, the education was initiated as an experimental university of applied sciences programme in 1996. So far, JAMK has produced almost 600 physiotherapists.