In September, JAMK initiated a new food and nutrition management programme, which is worth 60 ECTS credits and aimed at restaurant and food industry professionals or those aiming to seek related management positions. The programme takes two years and can be completed alongside work.

The food and nutrition management programme meets the need created by the social welfare and health care reform.

“Competitive bidding processes for services will increase, and success in them will require companies to demonstrate sufficient nutritional quality. The service clients must also be competent enough to take nutritional quality into account in the competitive bidding and eventual decision-making,” JAMK Lecturer Karoliina Väisänen says.

In addition to this, the EU Regulation on the provision of food information to consumers and the changing nutrition recommendations require that customers are provided with up-to-date nutrition information.

The Finnish Heart Association took part in the planning of the food and nutrition management study programme. The Heart Association’s “Nutritional Passport” has been obtained by 12,600 food industry professionals. The JAMK programme includes levels II and III of the Nutritional Passport training.