The centre of excellence is intended to grow into a cooperation network for institutes of higher education that provide education in rehabilitation, which also ensures the sufficient availability of competence in the field on a national level. The centre of excellence is funded by the Ministry of Education and Culture.

The centre of excellence also serves as a research and development centre for the rehabilitation field. A cooperation network for research, development and innovation projects can be created around it to generate solutions that support functional capacity and participation among rehabilitation clients. The network efforts are centred around updating the operating models of rehabilitation, prevention, rehabilitation as a multi-party process, and producing digital and technological solutions.

The centre of excellence for rehabilitation is aiming to expand international cooperation in education. The number of foreign-language education and double degrees will be increased by strengthening the online courses planned in cooperation, for example. There are also plans to put together a national education export consortium in the field of rehabilitation.

The development efforts will keep a close eye on the effects that the social welfare, health care and rehabilitation reform will have on educational offering and content. The centre of excellent will engage in close international cooperation with upper secondary and university education. The goal is to update the structure, content and pedagogic practices of the education in such a way that they support the individual study paths and the development of competence.

Rehabilitation aims to promote the capacity to work and function, participation and agency among individuals. Universities of applied sciences are training experts in aid technology, physiotherapy, podiatry, naprapathy, osteopathy and occupational therapy to increase people’s functional capacity and well-being

JAMK and Metropolia University of Applied Sciences boast the most diverse educational offering in the field, along with a vast pool of teachers and developers. The new centre of excellence will consolidate the most diverse offering of rehabilitation studies in the country, while also providing strong expertise in the rehabilitation of children, adults and elderly people. The pool of competence covers functional capacity and work capacity in a comprehensive manner, increasing the personal participation of the rehabilitation client. The centre of excellence will also bring together on-going projects in the rehabilitation field and enable the initiation of new collaboration.