The School of Health and Social Studies of JAMK University of Applied Sciences is a versatile and highly respected education provider for the health, welfare and cultural sectors as well as a sought-after development partner for businesses and organisations in the field.
Our strengths include a versatile learning environment, motivated students genuinely interested in the field, good know-how of welfare entrepreneurship, and R&D work in support of regional development. We also help build personal career paths for our students.

Competitive Skills

The education we provide is future-orientated and is ideally designed to meet the needs of working life. Our school offers eight different degrees for young people. The degree programme in nursing is taught in both Finnish and English. In addition to education in the social and health sector, we are also offering music studies leading to a bachelor of culture and arts (music educator) degree. For those already working, we are offering degree programmes leading to a bachelor’s degree and four master’s degree programmes as well as continuing education that can be completed while working.

An international and modern Learning and Working Environment

We actively participate in international cooperation and are investing in education export. Exchange students, visiting lecturers and international nursing students from various countries create a multi-cultural working atmosphere. The students and representatives of our staff who go abroad for exchange studies or teaching assignments also bring back valuable international experience.

Our multidisciplinary learning and development environments offer innovative opportunities to both our students and collaboration partners. The lab environment is ideal for applying theoretical knowledge in practice and developing or testing new approaches and technological solutions.

Well-being of Families and Promotion of Health

One of the key areas in the JAMK’s strategy is the well-being of families and promotion of health. This key area produces applicable research data, and it commercialises and pilots new working models, social innovations and service concepts for the services market. The training and development work is based on researched information that enhances regional competence and internationalisation.

Malkki Pertti

Malkki Pertti

Yksikönjohtaja, Director
HYVI Hallinto, Administration
Hyvinvointi, School of Health and Social Studies