The below list describes the procedures that JAMK deploys in quality management in Service Business:


  • The overall planning of service business is based on JAMK’s strategy and the operating plans. The services are planned together with clients, in order to make them meet the clients’ needs. The key documents in service business are the request for proposal, the proposal and the contract, as well as subcontracts, if any.
  • Education export services assist schools in the export projects. The JAMK Management Team discusses large-scale export projects.


  • The key processes in service business are described in the JAMK Process Manual.
  • Information on the service business is maintained in the CRM system. Any archived documents are stored in the document management system.
  • The employee responsible for the service monitors the financial situation of the service business project and reports any budget deviations to the manager responsible for the service.

Follow-up and evaluation

  • Indicators for service business are monitored in the scorecard.
  • The service team reviews the service sales figures at its meetings.
  • The feedback is collected as required by the client. The feedback may be collected using JAMK’s feedback form or by other suitable means.
  • Where necessary, JAMK applies benchmarking and orders external evaluations of its activities.

Quality improvement

  • The employee responsible for the service takes the necessary corrective measures on the basis of the feedback. If the measures are based on a complaint, they must be agreed upon with the manager responsible for the service.
  • The manager responsible of the service business compiles the feedback on continuing education, education exports and service business and the measures taken to the school management team, and the management team decides on any development measures.
  • The portfolio managers of education exports hold meetings with the education export services. At these meetings, they share good practices and lessons learned during the projects.