The below list describes the procedures that JAMK deploys in quality management in education:


  • Education planning follows the framework specified in the licence to grant degrees, as specified by the government, and the JAMK strategy.
  • Research findings and future competence needs of working life are explored when preparing the curricula. The national qualifications framework, study workloads and student feedback are taken into consideration.
  • The curriculum is updated annually, and more thorough renewal takes place once every five years. Working life and student representatives participate in the renewals.
  • The updated curricula are discussed by the advisory boards of schools.
  • The Student Affairs Board approves the curricula.
  • In degree programmes, study path studies at the Open University of Applied Sciences and vocational teacher education, the student prepares a personal learning plan (PLP) to support the development of his/her competence.


  • The key processes of education are described in the JAMK Process Manual.
  • The most important operational quidelines are Ethical and Pedagogical principles, Equality and non-discrimination plan, Degree regulations, Admission criteria and Quality criteria for e-learning.
  • Student oriented approach is followed in all education. The guidance of students follows the JAMK guidance system.

Follow-up and evaluation

  • Indicators for education are monitored in the scorecard.
  • During each course, the students give either continuous feedback or mid-course feedback. The course feedback is collected at the end of the course, concerning the courses selected by the supervisor.
  • Student feedback is collected every year during the feedback week, which is organised by the student union. The AVOP feedback, which is required by the Ministry of Education and Culture, is collected at the completion of studies. In vocational teacher education, feedback is collected at the start of the studies, continuously during the studies and at the end of the studies. In specialisation studies, feedback is collected at the end of studies. Feedback on labour force training is collected in the OPAL system of the labour administration.
  • The follow-up survey for graduates is collected as required by of the Ministry of Education and Culture. In vocational teacher education, the follow-up survey is carried out once every two years.
  • The periodic evaluation of education takes place once every five years, on accordance with JAMK’s evaluation model. International accreditations are applied for selected degree programmes. Where necessary, JAMK applies benchmarking and orders external evaluations of its activities.

Quality improvement

  • The teacher discusses the immediate feedback together with the student. If necessary, the teacher also discusses the feedback with the supervisor.
  • The teacher changes the course on the basis of feedback.
    The management teams of schools review the student feedback, the feedback from teacher education, the AVOP feedback and the follow-up surveys at the completion of studies.
  • The manager responsible for the periodically evaluated education discusses the feedback with staff and presents the selected development measures to the management team for approval.