Quality Management Objectives

Our objectives are to

  • improve the competitiveness of students and clients with the help of competence,
  • ensure that our strategy is implemented and our operations are smooth and successful, and
  • renew the operations of JAMK with the help of our developing community of experts.

JAMK Quality System is illustrated in the figure

JAMK’s Quality System

Quality is managed through a quality system. The quality system employed at JAMK has been audited by the Finnish Education Evaluation Centre (FINEEC) (please see the Audit Register). The quality system is described in the JAMK Quality Manual; a summary of the manual is presented for external stakeholders on these pages.

The quality system of JAMK is based on the principle of continuous improvement which encompasses the following elements: Plan-Do-Check & Study-Act. JAMK Quality System is illustrated in the figure below.

In the operating environment, the key forces affecting JAMK's operations are globalization, the general development of the European Union and Finland and the regional competence and development needs of working life.

Quality management is a means for ensuring that the planning, execution, evaluation and continuous improvement of JAMK’s operations are carried out in a way that takes account of the needs and expectations of the stakeholders.

Changes in the operating environment and the expectations of interest groups serve as the foundation of JAMK’s strategic choices. JAMK analyses and predicts changes from the point of view of its basic mission and sets objectives for the operations. JAMK’s definition of quality is based on practically-oriented academic quality (JAMK quality).

The JAMK Quality Manual describes the quality management procedures in different processes. The processes are grouped into core processes (education, RDI activities and service business) and the management and support processes that support these. The key processes are described in the JAMK Process Manual (TOKA). As a result, JAMK provides its operating environment with competence and competitiveness that are based on its strategic choices.

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