The quality system employed at JAMK has been audited by the Finnish Higher Education Council (FINHEEC) in 2006 and 2013 (please see the Audit Register). The quality system of JAMK is based on the principle of continuous improvement which encompasses the following elements: Plan-Do-Check-Act

JAMK's quality system is illustrated in the figure

JAMK’s tasks and goals are set by acknowledging the impacts of globalisation and European as well as Finnish trends. Furthermore, anticipating the regional needs in regard to competences and development required in working life are crucial when planning JAMK’s activities. Quality management is a means for ensuring that the planning, execution and evaluation of JAMK’s operations are carried out in a way that takes account of the needs and expectations of the stakeholders.

Quality management consists of four elements:

1) planning,
2) action,
3) follow-up and evaluation and
4) quality improvement.

This division is based on the principle of continuous improvement (cf. Deming's cycle: Plan – Do – Check – Act). Quality management enables continuous development and learning in an organisation on the basis of feedback received on activities and results.

The ultimate aim of JAMK's activities is skilled labour, innovations and entrepreneurship, which together promote the success and internationalisation of Central Finland and other operating areas. The activities are implemented in processes, which have been broken down into core processes (education, RDI activities and services) and strategic steering processes and support processes that support them.

JAMK’s quality system as a whole is described in the JAMK Quality Manual

The quality manual is complemented by the JAMK Process Manual (usually called TOKA at JAMK) that describes the most essential processes, to be implemented with the support of operating instructions and the forms needed. JAMK Process Manual makes visible the way of action agreed on at JAMK. At a more detailed level, the implementation of quality management in schools is ensured by means of school-specific quality guides, which among other things describe the quality management procedures for specialisation studies, continuing education (also in the form of apprenticeship-type training) and chargeable services. JAMK Quality Manual, JAMK Process Manual, the school-specific quality guides, procedures and forms are available on the personnel intranet and on the student intranet to the necessary extent.