The Jyväskylä region is profiling itself as a centre of excellence in cybersecurity. The Ministry of Employment and the Eco­nomy selected five main themes for the Innovative Cities 2013–2020 (INKA) programme, and Jyväskylä was made responsible for cybersecurity. JAMK also plays a big role in the programme.

The need for professionals is high, with up to thousands of new jobs expected to be created in the field in the coming years. From now on, Master’s degree programmes in cybersecurity will be started every year.

Education has a strong role in the development of cybersecurity know-how. A Master’s degree programme in information technology was started in early 2013. There were many applicants, and a second programme began in the autumn.

“The information security business is constantly evolving and changing, so I wanted to refresh and further expand my knowledge of cybersecurity. At the same time, I get to network with professionals in my field,” says Ismo Karttunen, who started his studies in January.

Co-operation with Elisa

In addition to the new degree programme, there were also other big openings in the field: JAMK and Elisa initiated long-term co-operation for the development of cybersecurity. The first commercial partner in JAMK’s Jyväskylä Security Technology project, Elisa will also provide students with opportunities to gain practical experience alongside their studies.

“Elisa’s Jyväskylä-based data security unit and JAMK will be co-operating closely in the coming years. We aim for continuous development in order to improve our ability to cope with cyber threats,” says Jarmo Siltanen, Head of the IT Institute.

In May 2013, JAMK also signed a partnership agreement valid until further notice with the Ministry of Defence on the national development of cybersecurity.