JAMK is Europe’s most international institute of higher education in terms of staff mobility.

With the significant quality award received, JAMK can keep strengthening its international activities. The Erasmus programme supports JAMK’s strategy, enabling the active mobility of staff and students and improving the quality of learning and development of competence.

JAMK University of Applied Sciences received the first prize in the EU’s 2013 ERASMUS award in November. For JAMK, internationalisation means hundreds of partners around the world, foreign students and staff members, active student and staff mobility and numerous international projects.

JAMK provides each teacher and specialist with the opportunity to be involved in international operations. Staff mobility has been supported by means of a favourable employer policy, Erasmus money as well as JAMK’s own funding.

Staff exchange is part of the academic strategy aiming to improve the quality of teaching and learning. Examples of the results so far are intensive programmes and partnerships on whose basis shared network projects and double degrees have been developed.

“Students taking a double degree are completing courses for two different post-secondary degrees at different educational institutes and different countries at the same time. The degrees may be in the same field or in two different fields,” says Jussi Halttunen, Rector of JAMK.