JAMK University of Applied Sciences has opened its doors to entrepreneurship. The JAMK Generator entrepreneurship team supports students from the very beginning, and around 20 new companies are founded every year.


JAMK provides its students with two different paths to entrepreneurship: JAMK Generator lets students innovate, get inspired, develop business ideas or found a company as part of their studies. With a track record of over 20 years, the Team Academy allows you to do all this and get your degree while establishing a company with your team.

JAMK University of Applied Sciences’ first Innovation Week kicked off in autumn 2003.

Clients in this first Innovation Week trial included JYP-Akatemia, men's clothing shop Urheva, Music.Info and Teatteri Eurooppa Neljä. During the week, 600 students were involved in solving the development challenges set by the clients.

Key challenges varied from the development of a well-being service concept to the recognition and achievement of hidden customer potential. During the days, students had about 3,000 phone and face-to-face discussions with customers and target groups in Jyväskylä. They also created ideas and concepts for solutions to assignments and performed quick tests of their solutions on-site with the customers.

One of the goals of Innovation Week is to provide all JAMK students with a Design Thinking-type problem-solving method. The method is also used and taught by the world’s leading business schools as an operating model for diversified, multi-disciplinary development groups. 

JAMK is the first educational institute in Europe to teach the method to all students through practical experience. Innovation Week is part of the five-credit Entrepreneurship and Innovation course taken by all JAMK students.

Innovation Week is part of the operations of JAMK Generator. In 2013, 22 new companies were established with the help of JAMK Generator’s team of specialists.