JAMK has been involved in corporate management and competitiveness development for years. Extending careers is essential for Finnish companies and their competitiveness. A company’s management system and daily management methods are the key to job satisfaction.

Transformational management relies on the involvement of staff in developing the organisation.

The development work organised by JAMK and the Jyväskylä University School of Business and Economics has involved 12 SMEs from Central Finland. 

“On the basis of an initial analysis, we have selected the company’s development targets, which have then been worked on with specialists,” Project Manager Marianne Ekonen says. 

“With the transformational management project, companies have, among other things, made their organisational responsibilities and tasks clearer.”

Managerial work may vary greatly within a company. Special attention has been paid to giving, receiving and utilising feedback.

“Managerial work has been developed by preparing common rules for supervisors in the organisation,” Ekonen continues. 

Based on the results of the development work, we have built tools and operating models to improve supervisor work and the work community.

A lot happened in 2011–2013: the companies involved had shared workshops and TalkShow events.  The lauded work continues.