Eemeli Rajala, Chairperson of the Board

I and the student union JAMKO want to warmly wish you welcome here this afternoon.

"I also want to congratulate all of you new fellow students for being selected into JAMK. "

When I started studying here at JAMK in 2014 I didn’t really know what to expect. Jyväskylä itself was a familiar city even though I am originally from Lapland, but JAMK and the life of higher education was unfamiliar to me. My goal was to study hard and graduate with great grades, but sometimes plans change. I do have good grades, and I probably will graduate on time, but my plans didn’t include a lot of what’s happened.

The reason why I’m speaking to you all is that I am the chairperson of the board at your own student union called JAMKO. My road to this job was a bit of a surprise. On my first year of studies I couldn’t have known it would come to this. All of this started one day when I decided to go to a meeting and check out this so called student active life.

During this trip I’ve learned so much more than I first anticipated. I believe that I can siphon off a few advices from these experiences for you and the years to come. First of all, take all the chances you get. Life of higher education offers you a myriad of opportunities when you keep your eyes open. The most important thing to do is grab them. Whether it’s an internship, student exhange or any other chance to get further in life or just to do what you’ve always wanted to do.

Second, remember that all of us are individuals. We all have our own dreams, goals and opinions. We all need to respect these and give each of us a chance to be ourselves. This applies to you as well. Make your choices in life the way you want to, work the way you think that you can achieve your goals. This is your prerogative.

Last but definitely not least, I want to remind you all to take care of yourselves. Remember to rest, give yourself free time and especially, forgive yourself if something doesn’t get done on time. Nobody wins if you burnout in your twenties.

In the end I want to welcome you all good luck and success for this academic year!