Niina Lampi, Chairperson of The Student Union of JAMK University of Applied Sciences (JAMKO)


"I want to wish you warmly welcome you all by the student union of Jyväskylä university of applied sciences into this JAMK opening. I want to also congratulate all of you my new fellow students for being selected."

When I started my studies here at JAMK in 2012, I had just graduated from high school in the spring and all I could see in my life was graduating from JAMK and rushing into worklife. But things went differently. I would have never thought that one day I would be casually drinking coffee with our Members of Parliament.

Quite quickly after the beginning of my studies I found myself tutoring new students. Why? Because I found it quite fun and my own tutor had been a great example. After a year of tutoring I craved more. I stood as a candidate to representatives election and Applied to the Board of JAMKO. It is my second year as a member of the board now.

Sometimes the lead of the action is a good example. Sometimes it is the challenges you are facing. It does not matter how you have end up in to this situation. Only it matters what you are going to do now. I claim that our university community has been raising me the way I am today and still there is a long way ahead. For you our new students I would like to give few tips into your journey of getting a degree.

First, take everything out of your student life. For most of us it is once in a life-time experience to get a bachelor’s degree so take the most of it when you can.

Second, take care of yourselves while studying. Do not strain yourself. It is not wrong to admit to yourself and others that you are tired. It is totally acceptable and you will be supported.

Third, be confident enough to be yourself and let others do the same. No one needs to be afraid because of their religion, political view or nationality in this community of JAMK. There are over 1600 people in this hall and I believe that every single person in this room has rigth to their own thoughts.

Last but not the least, take a chance. There will be numbers of possibilities offered for you during the studies and by taking a chance you might open new doors for yourself. Only you can decide if you are facing number of doors or just one in front of you when you graduate.

 Student union JAMKO wishes you all good luck and success for this academic year 2015.

Niina Lampi, 

chairperson of The Student Union of JAMK University of Applied Sciences (JAMKO)

(Academic year's Opening ceremony 25 August 2015)