Jussi Halttunen, Rector, JAMK University of Applied Sciences

Academic year's opening

"Dear international students and staff members! One of the cornerstones of the current JAMK strategy is the international education. We will work hard to develop our international study programs to be attractive and competitive in the global markets. So far Finland has offered a tuition-free education for all foreign students, which will come to Finland as a degree or exchange student. In the Future this is expected change in the fall 2017 when there will be tuition fees for students coming outside EU/ETA-region. For compensation the universities should develop a system of grants and scholarships for the incoming foreign students."

JAMK has been a very active player in international development programs and export trade of the educational services. During the last few years we have carried on large Hei-ici joint-programs in Vietnam and Nepal and a great twinning project in Egypt. Besides these there has been a growing effort to enlarge the operations to Kazahkstan and China in the field of the nursing education.

With these words I would like to wish you all a successful and prosperous new study year 2015-2016 !

Jussi Halttunen,
rector JAMK University of Applied Sciences

(Academic year's Opening ceremony 25 August 2015)