School of Business warmly invites academic faculty members from our partner institutions to take part in the Global Faculty Research Colloquium on 10–12 June, 2018. The colloquium is for a global audience of higher education faculty actively engaged in pedagogy and leadership. Enjoy the "White Nights" of Finland!

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Enjoy the "White Nights" of Finland!

A major challenge faced by higher education faculty is how to deliver and support innovative pedagogical solutions in environment characterized by changing technology, economic condition and globalization. This requires new conceptions of learning, competences, learning environments, leadership and faculty roles among others. We are excited about hearing your experiences and ideas regarding effective pedagogical solutions and leadership in changing higher education.  As a participant in the colloquium, you will have a valuable opportunity to present your experiences and ideas as well as to forge new academic relationships and partnerships. You are able to select between the following two tracks:

  • Track 1 for faculty: 
    Focus on innovative higher education pedagogics in the classroom.
  • Track 2 for administrators:
    Focus on excellence in higher education leadership in a service/administrative role.


The colloquium keynote speakers will create occasion for dialogue between the two groups (faculty and administrators).

Time: 10 Jun 2018 9:00 AM - 12 Jun 2018

Place of event: JAMK University of Applied Sciences, Rajakatu 35, Jyväskylä, Finland

Education: Business

Event type: Seminar

Language: English

Disrupting Education: Lessons (and Consequences) of the Silicon Valley Model

As Silicon Valley leaders, visionaries, schemers (and more than a few crackpots) pitch their plans to recast schools and universities as 21st century learning laboratories, we await the “next big thing” in a space that – despite the risk of hyperbole – literally is shaping the future. Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg aims to upend the role of teachers by putting students in charge of the navigation and pace of their learning; Google is flooding schools with laptops (“Chromebooks, of course), apps, and access to high speed networks; and PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel continues his quixotic quest of paying students to drop out of college and pursue ambitions that may build unimagined industries. Amid all of the hoopla surrounding billionaire-promises to disrupt outdated modes of education, questions remain about the pedagogical and ethical implications of this high tech transformation of schools into nodes of a neoliberal economy. Data-driven, problem-oriented, and peer-based learning may indeed push the sage off the stage. Yet as faculty and administrators, we cannot shirk our responsibilities to ensure that classrooms meets the full range of needs for a diverse student body. Inspired by that vision, this presentation offers a virtual tour of new and emerging Silicon Valley educational innovations, including a stop at a school without teachers and classes, celebrating the potential but also exploring the consequences of a “Silicon Valley Model of Education.” Along the way, we will compare notes on other global models seeking to transform how we teach and learn. Bring your best ideas, because this is not a traditional lecture. We’re here to share, compare, and explore what lies ahead.

Andrew F. Wood (Ph.D., Ohio University, 1998) is a professor of Communication Studies and Humanities Honors at San José State University, California, USA. Following his passion for international learning, Dr. Wood has taught in Austria, China, Finland, Germany, and Mexico – and he recently completed a Fulbright Scholarship in Belarus. Dr. Wood regularly consults and lectures on topics that include Silicon Valley startup culture, gamification, mediated communication, and intercultural communication. Dr. Wood has authored or co-authored several books on urban life, internet communication, reality television, roadside Americana, and the 1939-40 New York World's Fair. One of his recent books, City Ubiquitous: Place, Communication, and the Rise of Omnitopia, was the 2009 winner of the Jane Jacobs Urban Communication Award. Dr. Wood is a highly sought public speaker and commentator, delivering keynote addresses and providing commentary for National Public Radio, USA Today, and other media outlets in North America and Europe.


The colloquium is for a global audience of higher education faculty and administrators actively engaged in pedagogy and leadership. We appriciate receiving topical proposals also from a multidisciplinary/interdisciplinary point of view.

If you are interested, please submit your application latest by 31 March 2018 by sending your CV and abstract of your presentation (500-600 words) to Dr Anne Eskola, anne.eskola(at) (PhD).

We will inform the result of your application during April 2018. Your abstract should share briefly your opinions on the theme with concrete examples of your execution.

Author instructions


The event is part of JAMK’s commitment to internationalisation and research collaboration. Hence, there is no participation fee, and it is compatible with the Erasmus Staff Mobility scheme. There will be a small prize for the best practice presentation.

Arrival and Accommodation

We invite the participants to arrive in Helsinki on Sat 9 June. We have pre-booked rooms at Hotel Holiday Inn Helsinki for one night under each participants name and 120€ is paid to the hotel by the participant.


On Sunday 10 June there will be a guided Helsinki city tour followed by bus transportation to Jyväskylä and check-in to Hotel Verso. You can make the booking on the hotel's website for 10-12 June. Please use campaing code "JAMK-research colloquium". The price is 120€/night/person.


For more information on colloquium and the abstract, please contact Dr. Anne Eskola. For more information on accommodation, travelling and Erasmus related matters, please contact Risto Korkia-Aho. In other secreterial matters (e.g. invitation letters), please contact Ani Lietonen.

Eskola Anne

Eskola Anne

Yliopettaja, Principal Lecturer
Liiketalous, Business Administration
Liiketoiminta, School of Business
Korkia-Aho Risto

Korkia-Aho Risto

Kansainvälisten asioiden koordinaattori, International Coordinator
LIKE Hallinto, Administration
Liiketoiminta, School of Business
Lietonen Ani

Lietonen Ani

Koulutussuunnittelija, Education Planner
Matkailu ja palvelut sekä YAMK, Tourism and Service Business and Master´s Degrees
Liiketoiminta, School of Business
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