For testing the network capabilities, you should perform the two tests described below. One is to test the current network speed and the other is to test the network latency. We recommend that you run these tests in the very same environment, which you are planning to use to join in the cyber exercise.

Test 1: Network speed

Use service or similar to test the network speed. Please note that if you are using a VPN tunnel to connect to your office network, your results might receive decreased values instead of direct connection to the Internet. The service is self-explanatory as are its results.

Test 2: Network latency

Open your operating system command line shell and run the command below, which pings Google name servers.

Flagship FAQ picture1.PNG

Wait for the results to appear and take a note on the average results. The example below reports an average latency 76ms, so it meets the requirements of the FlagShip 1.

Flagship FAQ picture2.PNG