The readiness of Finnish educational institutions to face cyber crises

Project sponsors

Project type
Research project
Focus area
Applied Cybersecurity
Implementation time
1.1.2024 - 31.8.2025
Project unit
School of Professional Teacher Education
Financing program
Finnish Work Environment Fund
Project description

Teaching work and educational institutions have rapidly digitized. This trend has brought with it the risk of cyber disruptions, which are always crises for work communities. In many areas of Finnish working life, cyber crises are identified, investigated, and practiced for. However, this is not yet the case in the context of educational institutions. This study examines the nature of cybersecurity risks in vocational schools and the readiness of communities to act in cyber crises, providing recommendations for training and action in the field.

In Finland, there are 80 vocational schools and 5 special vocational schools, with over 220,000 students, according to Statistics Finland. Data for this study is collected from four vocational schools across Finland, including three regular vocational schools and one special vocational school. All target institutions are large and operate in multiple locations. The research is qualitative, consisting of both interviews and observations.

This study supports vocational schools in potential cybersecurity crisis situations in three ways: 

  1. It provides an initial picture of cybersecurity risks in vocational schools in Finland and likely worldwide. 
  2. It examines the current readiness of vocational school staff to work securely in cyberspace and face cybersecurity threats. 
  3. It offers general training and action recommendations for all vocational schools.

Thus, this study is groundbreaking and lays the foundation for future research and development projects related to cybersecurity in educational institutions. Additionally, it equips school staff with the skills to confront and navigate cyber crises with minimal impact.


Anna-Liisa Ojala

Vanhempi asiantuntija, Senior Advisor
Jatkokoulutukset, Further Education
Ammatillinen opettajakorkeakoulu, Professional Teacher Education