Coordination and communication project for local food chains in Central Finland 2

Project sponsors

Project type
Development project
Focus area
Implementation time
1.1.2019 - 31.3.2022
Project unit
School of Business
Financing program
Rural Development Programme for Mainland Finland
Project description
Coordination and Communication project for Local Food Chains in Central Finland 2 (KEKO2)

The purpose is to develop and promote local food chains and countryside enterprises in Central Finland as one entity together with provincial and nationwide cooperation. The project will make new experiments and openings in the food chain and to activate rural actors. The main themes of the project are internationalization and food tourism.
The project examines Central Finns export potential of food companies and the international market opportunities for orientation. In addition, the state of business is considered sustainable from a development perspective and the potential for exploiting it as a producer, especially on the international market. The goal is to raise food is increasingly becoming part of tourism services as well as generally increasing the food chain actors 'understanding of each other and their practices.
The aim of the project is to coordinate cross-industry boundaries joint events, with themes such as food exports. To increase the visibility of the food chain and its interfaces, will be organized e.g., Artisan Food Finnish Championships (2019) and Amazing Central Finland (2020). In addition, the province the food product is made known e.g., taking advantage of augmented reality at the local food carnival (2021). The events also aim to bring current information (eg artificial intelligence, new forms of food production) in the region knowledge of the food chain and rural actors, and thus improve the region business opportunities.
The project will begin with the area's food chain and its joint branding of interfaces with a long-term goal raising the profile of Central Finland nationally and internationally.
In addition, the joint future work of actors in the food chain and its interfaces and through the policy paper on the future of the Central Finnish food chain, commitments are made actors for further development even after the end of the project.
The project managed by Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences, is implemented in co-operation with MTK Keski-Suomi and ProAgria Keski-Suomi. The project will be implemented between 1.1.2019 and 31.3.2022. The project is related to the rural development program for mainland Finland and is funded by the Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment of Central Finland through the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development.

Contact information:
Project Manager Leena Pölkki,, 050 4011 894,