news 5.1.2023

Jamk continues to offer free studies to all who have fled the war in Ukraine to Finland

Jamk University of Applied Sciences continues to support those who have fled the war in Ukraine. Jamk offers free open studies and exemption from tuition fees for those who have been granted a place to study at Jamk and are under temporary protection in Finland.

Jamk offers a 100 % scholarship for the tuition fees for the academic year 2023–2024 to Jamk's degree students who have fled the war in Ukraine and are under temporary protection or have been granted asylum in Finland.  

Jamk is currently rolling a joint application to bachelor’s and master’s degree studies conducted in English. The application period ends on 18 January at 3 PM (UTC+2). If accepted, the studies begin in autumn of 2023. 

The prerequisite for receiving the 100% scholarship is that the student presents a certificate of application for temporary protection, a certificate of temporary protection or a residence permit card to Jamk's admission services. 

In addition, Jamk offers university students studying in Ukraine a separate right to study, which allows them to complete a total of 120 credits of university studies at Jamk for two years. A separate right to study is offered to those who have fled the war in Ukraine, who have been granted temporary protection in Finland and who are in the process of completing university studies in Ukraine.  

Open studies are also free of charge to all those who have fled Ukraine and are under temporary protection or are granted an asylum in Finland. The studies can be found from Jamk's website at

Jamk also offers the possibility for students from partner institutions in Ukraine to participate in exchange studies at Jamk through the Erasmus+ programme. Participation in Jamk Summer School is also free of charge in the summer of 2023 and 2024. 

Further information:  
Admission Services of Jamk UAS  
Tel. +358 40 556 0409