news 8.3.2022

Jamk supports Ukraine with donations and education possibilities

Jamk University of Applied Sciences will donate 10,000 euros to support Ukraine in the catastrophe caused by the full-scale Russian invasion. The donation will be targeted to Ukraine through the Finnish Red Cross and Finnish UNICEF as humanitarian aid. 

“With the donation, the Jamk community wants to concretely express its support and solidarity with the Ukrainian society that has been hit by the war. Images of the bombing of civilian sites such as school buildings and victims of war deeply touch our community. With the donation, we also strengthen our own values and the well-being of our own community”, says Rector Vesa Saarikoski.

In addition, Jamk is preparing to support the access of Ukrainians to higher education in Finland with the help of emerging national policies and the university's own decisions. Scholarships and free studies from the Open University of Applied Sciences are possible ways to support the aim. In the future, possible efforts will also be made to strengthen institutional cooperation between Jamk and higher education institutions in Ukraine.

Jamk is an international university of applied sciences with hundreds of international degree students, other students and exchange students. There are also many nationalities on the staff. Jamk underlines that regardless of ethnicity and nationality, everyone is a member of the higher education community and innocent of the brutal power politics that caused the war. Jamk absolutely rejects any confrontation on its campus and takes supportive measures to support well-being and togetherness.

Further information:
Vesa Saarikoski, Rector 
p. +358 50 447 1003 
Jamk University of Applied Sciences