news 22.9.2022

Jamk and Erillisverkot Oy sign a five-year partnership agreement

Jamk University of Applied Sciences and Erillisverkot Oy strengthen wide-ranging cooperation in information and communication technology, cybersecurity and multidisciplinary competence development as well as applied research.

Jamk University of Applied Sciences and Erillisverkot Oy have signed a five-year partnership agreement on 7 September 2022. The partnership agreement opens up a wide range of thesis, practical training and employment opportunities related to cybersecurity for students, teachers and research makers at Jamk. The partnership also opens up new opportunities for the development of the research, development, innovation and knowledge ecosystem (RDIO).

In the field of cybersecurity, cooperation between Jamk and Erillisverkot will intensify with opportunities in the promotion of cybersecurity and research projects and will contribute to the development of a technical cybersecurity exercise environment and the organisation of joint cybersecurity exercises. The agreement also makes it possible to take special needs into account as part of the development of Jamk's training.

"Our operations have many points of contact and common goals. Jamk's Institute of Information Technology develops national cybersecurity through cybersecurity exercises and trainings. The separate networks, on the other hand, provide authorities and security-critical operators with safe and reliable ICT services in all circumstances. As we work to improve the cyber resilience of society, we are also building a safer society," says Tero Kokkonen, Director of Jamk's Institute of Information Technology.

"The task of Erillisverkot is to provide high availability and security ICT services to organisations that ensure Finland's independence and security. Cybersecurity is central our operations," says Antti Kauppinen, Chief Technology Officer of Erillisverkot Oy.

The cooperation shall be coordinated and promoted by the Cooperation Steering Group and, where appropriate, by the Monitoring Group of the parties' Management.

The partnership agreement was signed by Vesa Saarikoski, Rector of Jamk, Tero Kokkonen, Director of the Institute of Information Technology, Antti Kauppinen, Chief Technology Officer at Erillisverkot, and Mari Fallström, Production Director.

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