news 7.10.2022

Jamk accepted as a part of the European University

Jamk University of Applied Sciences has been accepted as a member of the Erasmus+ European University E³UDRES². The member universities promote the sustainable economy, entrepreneurship and competitiveness of their own operating environments, and thus the know-how and networking of the whole region globally.

The Erasmus+ European Universities initiative is a key tool in the construction of the European Higher Education Area (EHEA). The European universities, which are formed through the initiative, are networks of higher education institutions in EU countries that develop high-quality education, research and innovation and increase mobility. They work closely and ambitiously together to promote a knowledge-based economy, employment and prosperity in Europe. One of the key objectives is to enable the participating universities to undergo a profound institutional transformation in order to deepen the new generation of European cooperation.

The European Higher Education Strategy (2021) has set a target of forming a total of 60 European universities. They would consist of 500 individual universities by 2024. Thus, around 10% of European universities would belong to the European Universities entity. Currently, the status and funding of the European University is held by 44 networks with more than 340 universities. E³UDRES² - and Jamk with it - is one of these 44 European universities.

"It is a great indication of the international networking and the good reputation of Jamk that we were subjected to such a direct call-up procedure, and we then performed excellently in our evaluations. The importance of European universities as the key building blocks of the European Higher Education Area, probably has not yet been fully understood in Finland. E³UDRES² membership is becoming a key asset for us and a compass of the future," says Rector Vesa Saarikoski.

E³UDRES² is a union of nine higher education institutions

The E³UDRES² European University is a network of nine higher education institutions, co-ordinated by the Austrian st. Pölten University of Applied Sciences. The other member universities are located in Belgium, Latvia, Portugal, Romania, Hungary, the Netherlands and Germany. 

In total, the E³UDRES² higher education institutions of the European University have a staff of 10,500 people and approximately 100,000 students. The E³UDRES² universities are connected by the fact that they are located in small and medium-sized towns and that there are also large rural areas in their area of operation. Through future-oriented education and high-quality RDI activities, universities promote the sustainable economy, entrepreneurship and competitiveness of their own operating environments, and thus the know-how and networking of the whole region globally. Key positions for higher education institutions include smart specialisation, circular economy, support for well-being and active ageing, and people-oriented digitalisation and artificial intelligence.

"Jamk's strengths in bio and circular economy, multidisciplinary rehabilitation and wellbeing promotion, as well as in artificial intelligence and cyber security bring added value to the E³UDRES² Alliance, and on the other hand, Jamk benefits from the know-how of its partners," says Saarikoski.

Further information:

Vesa Saarikoski, rehtori

[email protected]

+358 50 447 1003

Jamk University of Applied Sciences


European Universities: European Universities initiative | European Education Area (

E³UDRES² universities:

  • Fulda University of Applied Sciences, Germany
  • Hungarian University of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Hungary
  • Jamk University of Applied Sciences, Finland
  • Politehnica University Timişoara, Romania
  • Polytechnic Inistitue of Sétubal, Portugal
  • Saxion University of Applied Sciences, The Netherlands
  • St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences, Austria
  • UC Leuven-Limburg University of Applied Sciences, Belgium
  • Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences, Latvia