news 9.11.2022

Award-winning CyberRange soon in Canada – Jamk and Fanshawe College signed an agreement

Fanshawe College has chosen Jamk University of Applied Sciences as the supplier of the CyberRange and partner for the development of cybersecurity expertise. Jamk University of Applied Sciences will provide Fanshawe College with a replica of the award-winning RGCE cyber training environment.


According to Dr. Tero Kokkonen, Director of Institute of Information Technology at Jamk University of Applied Sciences, the main objective of the signed agreement is CyberRange cooperation, which enables incredible opportunities for CyberRange-based training, education, and RDI activities.

Since 2011, JYVSECTEC, the cybersecurity research, development, and training center of Jamk University of Applied Sciences, has maintained and developed a unique Realistic Global Cyber Environment (RGCE). It is a technical training environment separated from the Internet. In Finland, the RGCE environment has been used for years in national cybersecurity exercises, and recently it was awarded as the Information Security Service of the year.

“I am thrilled for the opportunity to provide a world-class CyberRange for Fanshawe College. Our specialists have developed many unique features during the past ten years that will be provided as a part of CyberRange provided to Fanshawe for them to use in their education and RDI activities. The co-operation agreement also includes lots of knowledge sharing from us to Fanshawe's specialists and faculty members. Being able to get Fanshawe as a partner to our CyberRange Hub network will enable many opportunities for future collaboration", says JYVSECTEC's CTO Marko Vatanen.

Kokkonen agrees with Vatanen. "The agreement is an important step towards a long-term partnership, which will expand JYVSECTEC's cyber environment-based service concept as well as international cybersecurity co-operation."

According to Dr. Dev R. Sainani, Associate Dean of the School of Information Technology at Fanshawe College, the acquisition of the CyberRange and the partnership with Jamk provides Fanshawe with greatly augmented capabilities and increased opportunities for leadership in cybersecurity education, research, skills development and operations arenas.

“The CyberRange enables us to equip our students with industry-leading skills and capabilities that will position our students at the forefront of the field,” says Sainani. “It will allow them to tackle some of the most challenging problems present and developing across most information technology areas of focus.”

The partnership with Jamk provides Fanshawe with an opportunity to participate in the ongoing development and evolution of the CyberRange network. The College will create new areas of research and operation in a variety of domain areas that will benefit both partners and contribute to the maturity of the global cybersecurity network.

“The CyberRange partnership is a unique opportunity to advance cybersecurity education through innovative simulation models in various industries,” says Mary Pierce, Dean, Faculty of Business, Information Technology and Part-time Studies. “Fanshawe graduates will be uniquely prepared to serve employer cybersecurity needs. Our intention is to use this new capability at Fanshawe to improve cybersecurity efficacy throughout our region.”

Fanshawe’s mission is to provide pathways to success, an exceptional learning experience and a global outlook to meet student and employer needs. Through hands-on experience with the complete CyberRange, students in programs such as the Cybersecurity advanced diploma will have an opportunity to build a skillset that is in high demand locally and around the world as they build their careers. This unique partnership will place Fanshawe at the forefront of cybersecurity education and research. 

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Contact information:
Dr. Tero Kokkonen
Director, Institute of Information Technology
Jamk University of Applied Sciences
T: +358 50 438 5317

Marko Vatanen
Chief Specialist, Institute of Information Technology
Jamk University of Applied Sciences
T: +358 40 545 8630

Dr. Mika Karjalainen
Director, School of Technology
Jamk University of Applied Sciences
T: +358 40 574 8012

Dr. Dev R. Sainani
Associate Dean, School of Information Technology
Faculty of Business, Information Technology & Part-Time Studies
Fanshawe College
T: 519.452.4430 x15148

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