news 14.3.2020

JAMK suspends contact teaching due to the coronavirus situation

Jamk will suspend contact teaching starting from Monday March 16 2020 until further notice due to the coronavirus situation. Students are advised to stay home to study at a distance.

The transition to distance learning will be done in phases starting in March 16. Small group and laboratory exercises may be continued if necessary for the time being. Students will receive guidance concerning e-learning / replacement assignments and exam arrangements from responsible teachers early in week 12. Arrangements not related to study periods will be announced separately.

At this point there is no restriction on campus opening hours, but students are advised to avoid gathering or moving in large groups, as per THL's guidelines. Later, campus opening hours and moving on campus may be restricted to only essential personnel.

Jamk personnel are advised to work remotely if the work situation and tasks allow it. For the time being, teleworking is also allowed without a teleworking contract. All meetings, including those within Jamk, should be primarily conducted remotely, for example throughTeams. Everyone must be able to attend meetings remotely.

Any event involving more than 30 people (that are not exclusively from Jamk) are to be cancelled. Instead of meetings and events, remote connections are to be used. Events outside campus, that are related to work or studying and involve over 30 people will not be attended. Participation in recreational events of over 30 people is also not recommended.

Through these arrangements, Jamk aims to prevent the spread of coronavirus and to make work and study safe and reduce stress.

Jamk updates instructions concerning the coronavirus situation here. Students are advised to follow news also in the Elmo intranet (log in required)0

Further information:
Mikko R. Salminen, Director of Administration
tel. +358 50 407 9507