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news 12.8.2020

European Union Digital Education Framework and Companion Evaluation Toolkit

Created to act as a quality standard, the interactive European Union Digital Education Framework and Companion Evaluation Toolkit (EU-DEF) was adopted to guide the design, delivery and evaluation of education programmes, study units, sessions courses, and modules

The EU-DEF proposes five critical dimensions of an effective online product or event—structure, community, content, delivery and support – required to elicit five levels of outcomes, the pinnacle of which is organizational change.

The variables and sub-variables in the framework were identified from an extensive review of literature from existing digital education frameworks and models (link to table) and highlight what an educator should consider when designing, delivering and evaluation effective digital education.

Open the link and click on the words in the framework to access the variables and sub-variables definitions.

DIG-IT will explore how EU universities, and the healthcare industry can collaborate to benefit from international networks that support educators to develop confidence and skills to use emerging technologies to enhance learning opportunities. Creating an inter-nations learning community of practice and collaboratively creating, sharing and distributing online continuing education (CE), open access resources will reduce redundancy, time and cost.

Dig-it is coordinated by Univesity of Malta. JAMK is one of the partners. 

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