news 10.9.2020

Coronavirus infection at JAMK University of Applied Sciences - 30 students quarantined

The City of Jyväskylä informs that a single case of coronavirus infection has occurred at JAMK University of Applied Sciences, as a result of which about 30 students have been quarantined. Exposure has occurred on 3 September on the premises of Rajakatu campus.

Health care authorities will contact each exposed person and direct them to testing and quarantine. At the same time, health care provides instructions on how and in which situations to contact healthcare services later if symptoms occur.

The purpose of quarantine is to limit the possible spread of the virus so that a possible chain of infection can be prevented or stopped. Quarantining does not automatically mean an infection. This is a precautionary measure that restricts movement until it is known whether exposure to the virus has caused an infection. Thus, there may be a situation in the family where only one member is quarantined.

Quarantine refers to the restriction of a healthy person's freedom of movement, as some infectious diseases can be transmitted even before the actual onset of symptoms. Quarantine prevents the possible spread of infection to other people.

The coronavirus quarantine instructions prepared by the City of Jyväskylä are online at:

The guide has also been translated into several languages.

Jyväskylä city corona page: