news 27.9.2019

Biobord connect bioeconomy developers across the Baltic Sea Region

Piloting of Biobord Platform and Operating Model is started from the beginning of September 2019 in the network of RDI2CluB partnership and connected stakeholders.

Biobord is an open virtual innovation hub for connecting bioeconomy developers. On Biobord, we offer our network members tools for managing the project lifecycle, network building and management, interactive online capacity building, matchmaking and connecting with innovation support services. The hub offers a platform and space for a community of individuals to pursuit innovative activity and entrepreneurship in bioeconomy.

Biobord is developed in a partnership of four regions across Baltic Sea, Central Finland, Hedmark (Norway), Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship (Poland) and Vidzeme (Latvia). The development and piloting is supported by the ‘Rural RDI Milieus in transition towards smart bioeconomy clusters and innovation ecosystems’ – project (RDI2CluB).

Published on August 28, 2019, Biobord Operating Model describes the potential of our network, the functionalities of the platform as well as the user profiles and service paths. Furthermore, the Operating Model provides practical guidance and tools for the uptake of the Biobord, creation of the service paths as well as continuous improvement of the forum community building. It also contains the Biobord user policies and user guides.

During the piloting phase, we are testing Biobord Operating Model and Platform with different user groups and service cases. With regional and international pilot cases, RDI2CluB partnership is developing and scaling up the platform and its operational model with the feedback and experiences of users.

RDI2CluB partnership plans to connect at least 400 bioeconomy experts to the platform via integrated activities of the regional hubs. Stakeholders and partners of the network are also invited to join the piloting to build the community of the innovation hub. All interested bioeconomy enthusiasts are invited to register to the platform at

For more information, please contact Project Manager, Anna Aalto, JAMK University of Applied Sciences ( | +358 40 640 2346).

RDI2CluB in nutshell

Rural RDI milieus in transition towards smart bioeconomy clusters and innovation ecosystems, RDI2CluB –project, is a Flagship project of EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region, Policy Area Bioeconomy. 

  • Pilot regions: Central Finland, Hedmark (Norway), Vidzeme (Latvia) and Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship (Poland)
  • Duration: Oct 2017 - Sep 2020
  • Funding: INTERREG Baltic Sea Region Programme 2014-2020
  • Total budget: EUR 2.7 million; ERDF: EUR 1.5 million; Norwegian Funding: EUR 0.4 million