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Recognition for Quality

Over the years Jamk has been one of the most successful universities of applied sciences in Finland. Here is the list of most important quality recognitions:

Recognition by the the Finnish Education Evaluation Centre (FINEEC)

Accreditations for the Degree Programmes

Recognition by the European Commission

  • Diploma Supplement Label 2013-2016
  • Extended Erasmus University Charter 2014-2020
  • Erasmus Golden Award for Excellence 2013, first place in quality and staff mobility in Europe



Vipunen is the education administration's reporting portal. The statistics on UAS are based on data collected by the Ministry of Education and Culture from the universities of applied sciences, universities, and data produced by Statistics Finland. Vipunen has comparable data from different universities of applied sciences.


AVOP Student feedback for UAS at the graduation phase

When graduating, UAS students reply to a national AVOP feedback questionnaire to give feedback on the education they have received. The statistics are freely available at the Vipunen statistics services. 

Career monitoring survey

The career monitoring survey is sent to students who graduated from a University of Applied Sciences with a bachelor’s or a master’s degree five years earlier. Also these results are freely available at the Vipunen statistics services.


Periodic Evaluation of Degree-Awarding Education

Jamk University of Applied Sciences evaluates the degree programmes more thoroughly once every six years. Check out the results of the evaluations.

External evaluations

Jamk commissions external evaluations of its operations as needed.

Note. These reports are in Finnish, but the summaries are also in English.