Double Degrees

Why are double degrees beneficial?

Globalisation, competition at the international education and labour market and the changing needs of working life call for a yet wider professional know-how and personal knowledge and skills of operating in the globalising working life from a graduating student.

In a double degree programme students can develop a deeper understanding of the required competences than would be possible during a normal exchange period. This is because in a double degree programme the content, extent and total duration (e.g. studies, practical training, thesis) of the studies are agreed on beforehand. This is to make sure that the studies completed in the programme bring qualitative added value to both of the student’s degrees and that the regulations and principles at both the national and at the home institution level are realised in a way that it is possible for students to complete two degrees within their study entitlement at Jamk.

A double degree increases the student’s chances of moving on to e.g. post-graduate studies abroad, not to mention the benefits it brings to the student at the international labour market.

Double degrees are an important form of cooperation for Jamk, since they internationalise not only students but the whole community of the higher education institution. The double degree further deepens the educational cooperation with the partner and opens up doors for other forms of cooperation for example within the RDI-activities. Furthermore, they bring more foreign degree students and lecturers to Jamk. Overall, double degrees fortify Jamk’s status and profile on the international educational markets.

How to apply for a double degree programme and further information

Both incoming and outgoing students apply for double degree programmes within the official exchange application processes and periods.