Processing of customer information

We want to get to know our customers and provide them with the best possible service. For this purpose, we need information about our customers and their activity related to online services, among other things. Using such information is always subject to the customer’s consent, which is why we ask for ‘marketing consent’ in all of our services. Your personal data is processed to carry out event arrangements. Contact information is used to send messages and notifications related to events and messages of similar upcoming events. Statistics can also be compiled of event participants.

Which data do we collect?

In our marketing, we only use customer information that we have received consent for (name and e-mail address). By providing us with marketing consent, you ensure that you will continue to receive up-to-date information from us regarding upcoming training programmes, research and development activities, services and other interesting events.

Data is collected from data subjects when they register for events. This data includes the name, regular contact information and information about participation in the event. The data requested can vary depending on the event. However, only necessary data is collected.

Data related to payments and payment methods is saved if participation is subject to a charge. For the purpose of paying purchase invoices and travel expense claims, we need information about the payment recipient, and for purpose of preparing an invoice, information about the recipient of the sales invoice. We need information such as name and address details, bank account number, VAT number and potential e-invoicing address details.

Where is the information coming from?

In our marketing and event arrangements we only use customer information for which we have received consent. The consent is requested in connection with all forms. In addition, any data you have provided via email, by telephone or during the event may be saved if the data has an impact on arrangements.

We collect the customer information we use in marketing from a variety of sources:

  • the short course system, where students can sign up for short courses
  • Webropol event registrations, etc.
  • the website: contact forms, joining a mailing list

The information needed for Financial Services is obtained from the information provided by the customer and the student, such as purchase invoices, travel expense claims and grant applications submitted to Jamk, and from the invoicing requests submitted to Financial Services for sales invoicing purposes.

Who is the data disclosed to?

We never disclose any of your information intended for marketing purposes outside of Jamk.

Data can only be transferred to designated third parties if event arrangements so require, including payment, accommodation, catering and transport services. Names and contact information of data subjects can be shared with other participants for networking purposes.

At Financial Services, information is only disclosed to third parties where it is necessary for the payment of invoices and the discharge of work duties. The information and transactions contained in accounting records are stored in accordance with the retention periods specified in the Accounting Act and Jamk’s information management plan.

How can I update/inspect my data?

At the end of each newsletter, you will find a link that you can click to exit from the mailing list. Via this link, you can also manage your own customer information and specify the subjects on which you would like to receive information in the future.

You can cancel your marketing consent at any time. You will be missed, but we will no longer send you any marketing mail. Please note, however, that this restriction does not concern communications related to training programmes. It is our duty to keep you up to date with all the training programmes you have registered for.

You can update the information you have provided to Financial Services by contacting Jamk's financial services. 

Please, contact to the event organizer's unit directly which is the unit responsible for processing personal data. Contact information of the event organizer at the Jamk University of Applied Sciences listed on the event website or in the event notification.

Data processing and storage

Customer information is collected from a number of different sites, but we will transfer all customer information to our customer management system (Microsoft Dynamics). This is to ensure that customer information is processed in a consistent and correct manner as far as data security and protection are concerned. Event-specific data is erased when the data is no longer needed for the event or subsequent activities. Any data collected after the end of an event is stored anonymously for statistical purposes, if required.

The data protection related to the material is ensured through digital certificates and various means of electronic protection. Manually processed documents are stored in locked rooms. Documents and data files are stored in accordance with the Jamk information management plan, and the data has a retention period specified for it.

Access to the system is limited at Jamk to specific persons and is determined by their working duties. The use of the system requires a user ID and a password.