Professional Teacher Education Student

Supporting Services for Students

Student Services

Student services will help students and provide information e.g. on the following:

enrollment, study entitlement, study register support, transcript of records, certificates of studies, applications for a certificate, Peppi student administration system functions, practical training contracts, username and passwords

Student services email: opiskelijapalvelut.aokk(at)

Student Counselling

The Study Counsellor will help students on creating a personal study plan and achieving its goals. Typical issues discussed with the Study Counsellor are applying for the School of Professional Teacher Education's education programmes, student selection, as well as further questions related to the start of studies and the later stages of the study process. The Study Counsellor is responsible for study counselling together with the educators, as well as for solving study-related problems as they occur. You can utilize her expertise also on planning your further studies.

Library and Information services

Jamk University of Applied Sciences library consists of four library units, all of which support independent study. 

The School of Professional Teacher Education is mainly served by the Main Library, which includes materials supporting the professional development of a teacher. In Lutakko, students can easily get help from the campus library. 

Main Library 

Address: Rajakatu 35, wing D, 40200 Jyväskylä 
Email: kirjasto(at) 
Library Office: 040 552 6541 

Lutakko Library 

Address: Piippukatu 2, 40100 Jyväskylä 
Email: kirjasto.lutakko(at) 
Library Office: 040 552 6541 

Webpage: The Library of Jamk University of Applied Sciences 

» Library Opening hours 

Find both printed and digital material of Jamk University of Applied Sciences Library with Janet Database. You are also able to renew your loans, place a hold or save favourites. 

Library provides training in information seeking 
In the autumn the library organizes on request professional teacher education students guidance in information seeking from the most relevant field-specific data resources and in familiarizing oneself with the library services in general. Please contact library for more information. 

During the library training sessions the student familiarizes himself with the basics of acquisition of information and information literacy- the ability to seek, assess and use information in an effective manner. 

Student Association JAMKO and Teacher Student Union SOOL

The Student Union of Jamk University of Applied Sciences, JAMKO, functions as the supervisor of all the students’ interests.

The student union has a legal status and functions. Its main functions include choosing student members for the committees of the University of Applied Sciences, supervising the interests of students, and disseminating information on current issues. In addition to its legal functions, JAMKO provides leisure time activities.

The Student Representatives are the highest authority of the student union. The Student Representatives choose the Board, responsible for everyday administration, for one year at a time. The Study Secretary and Secretary General help the students with practical issues.


Students of the Teacher Education College have also possibility to join the Teacher Student Union of Finland - SOOL ry.

Financial Support for Studies

Students finance their studies mainly with government financial aid. Adult students may also have other forms of financing, e.g. Employment Fund or TE-Services.

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