Professional Teacher Education Student

Recognition of Prior Learning (Accreditation)

2022 - 2023

You can accredit competences you have acquired in other studies, in working life or in other contexts. The forms of accreditation are substitution, inclusion and recognition of prior learning. 

Recognition at the teacher education college


Substitution refers to substituting the courses/studies with corresponding courses/studies completed elsewhere in the same field of study. The following Teacher Education courses (i.e. Basics of Educational Sciences) can be accredited through substitution:

  • Understanding Learning (6 cr)
  • The Future of Education (6 cr)

Possible to substitute: 

University level pedagogical studies in educational sciences, adult education or vocational education of 25 ECTS / 15 credit units according to Finnish university 

Pedagogical studies completed through continuing education or Jamk Open University of Applied Sciences  

If you have verified the above-mentioned basic study module (25 ECTS / 15 credit units) or Jamk's above-mentioned studies at the entrance examination stage, the credits will be automatically entered in the transcript of records by the end of September. If you do not want the credits accredited and prefer to complete the pedagogical studies in professional teacher education, please notify  

Basic studies in special needs education, early childhood education and care, university pedagogy, military pedagogy (25 ECTS/15 credit units) or pedagogical studies completed in other schools offering professional teacher education do not entitle students to a direct replacement for the above-mentioned courses. In these cases, you can supplement your previous studies according to separate instructions. If you want, you can finish assignments during the summer. 

Possible to substitute: 

  • Equality and Equity in Teaching and Guidance (5 cr)

On a similar course completed at Jamk's Open University of Applied Sciences. 



You can include 5–10 credits’ worth of studies completed elsewhere in Optional Studies (10 cr) if the studies support your personal objectives for Professional Teacher Education and they have been completed after 1 January 2020. The studies can not be included in the degree with which you applied to professional teacher education. The staff at the School of Professional Teacher Education will make the decision about the inclusion of the studies you have suggested.


Recognition of prior learning

The starting point of recognition of prior learning is the competences described in the curriculum.  If you have those competences, you can apply for recognition of prior learning.

The Professional Teacher Education studies that can be accredited through the recognition of prior learning are the following: Through recognition of prior learning, you can apply accreditation to

  • Optional studies 10 cr 
  • Equality and Equity in Teaching and Guidance 5 cr
  • Teacher as a pedagogical Inquirer 8 cr

In case you might have other prior competences you consider for recognition of prior learning, discuss with your teacher trainer. You will assess, describe and demonstrate that you have the competences described in the course description. The staff members at the School of Professional Teacher Education will assess your competences and make the decision based on the materials you provide.

Optional Studies: your teacher educator will assess your competence and decide on recognition 

Equality and Equity in Teaching and Guidance and Teacher as a Pedagogical Inquirer: the teacher educators of the courses in question assess your competence and decide on recognition

The instructions and forms for the substitution, inclusion and recognition of prior learning can be found online >> Instructions and forms.


Applying for Recognition of Prior Learning (Accreditation)

Replacement and Inclusion:  

The student submits the eRPL (electronic Recognition of Prior Learning) application in Peppi. We will inform you in detail in August 2023. 

Recognition of prior learning: 

The student submits a course-specific application and its appendices as agreed either to their own teacher educator (Optional Studies) or to the teacher educators of the course in question (Equality and Equity in Teaching and Guidance and Teacher as a Pedagogical Inquirer).