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Principles of Guidance at Jamk

Jamk’s seven principles of study guidance define our study guidance activities and the way the student perceives them. The principles of study guidance are a part of the more comprehensive pedagogical principles. Study guidance comprises of study and learning guidance, career planning guidance and guidance in support of wellbeing. Study guidance offers support for the completion of the degree, employment and the development of lifelong career skills. The principles pertain to the entire staff, all degree students and open path students.

Principle 1. Study guidance supports inclusion and activity

  • As a student, you will get acquainted with the Degree Regulations, as well as Ethical Principles and Pedagogical Principles, and become aware of your rights and obligations as a student. You will prepare your personal learning and career plan and review them in PLP discussions conducted each academic year with your career tutor.
  • A peer tutor will provide you with tips and advice to support your studies, especially during your first academic year. Your peer tutor will help you in integrating as part of your group and student community and present the opportunities available for you related to your studies, everyday life and free-time activities.
  • After your first study year, you can seek peer support from a mentor on issues related to matters such as the content of your studies, practical training, student exchange or thesis.
  • A career tutor will serve as your immediate counsellor and direct your PLP work throughout the duration of your studies, also during any studies you may pursue abroad.
  • You will meet the study affairs coordinator for the first time during the orientation week, on which occasion you will hear about the student services available for degree students. Your study affairs coordinator will advice you in matters such as the commencement of your studies, study entitlement, enrolments, the structure of studies and student financial aid.
  • The international services staff supports students and instructors in matters related to studies and practical training completed abroad, such as application periods, exchange opportunities, application process and grants.

Principle 2. Study guidance support well-being

  • As a student, you are responsible for your own well-being and will make use of Jamk’s guidance and well-being services as needed.
  • A career tutor will help you in planning a personal learning plan that is suitable to your current life situation. The PLP discussions will also address matters related to well-being, coping and time management. With your career tutor, you can go through your life situation and resources that affect your studies.
  • A study counsellor will guide you in the transition stages of your life and whenever you are not progressing in your studies as planned. The challenges may relate for example to your state of health, coping or current life situation. The study counsellor will also advice you in matters related to accessibility.
  • You can consult a study psychologist and receive guidance when you feel that there are factors in your life that weaken your ability to study. Examples of matters affecting your ability to study include problems related to learning and mental health or a burdening life situation.
  • The school pastor provides you with discussion opportunities in various life challenges and pressures. With the pastor, you can confidentially discuss matters related to relationship troubles, stress, grief, crises and anxiety, as well as life philosophy issues.
  • You are welcome to attend courses or groups that support your learning capabilities and well-being (e.g. ‘Finish your studies’ group, ‘Student’s wellbeing and life skills’ course).
  • Student health services (FSHS) help you in the treatment and prevention of various illnesses and in mental health problems. You can also contact them in other health related matters like vaccinations and contraception.
  • The Student Union JAMKO offers a range of common activities and events where you can also get acquainted with the students from other degree programmes and make new friends.
  • Peer support in various kinds of issues related to your studies and life in general is available from JAMKO’s trained peer tutors.
  • Well-being tutors guide and encourage all students to engage in physical exercise and other activities that support well-being and arrange sports and well-being events at JAMKO.
  • Mentors will help you in issues related to the progress of your studies and your well-being, based on their personal experience and the training they have received.
  • The harassment contact person or mediator will help you in situations where you feel that you have been subject to bullying or harassment.
  • The substance abuse contact person provides students and the study community with support in issues related to substance abuse and game addiction and assists in seeking treatment, among other things.
  • Academic Sports provides a range of opportunities for exercise to support your well-being.

Principle 3. Study guidance supports professional development and lifelong learning and strengthens career skills

  • Your career tutor will guide you during the ‘Development as an Expert’ course and conduct an annual PLP discussion with you where you will review your study and career plans. You will discuss with your career tutor matters related to your career and employment, the choice of your practical training place, the topic of your thesis and the courses to be taken during your potential study period abroad, as well the opportunities available for post-graduate studies.
  • Your practical training tutor will provide you with support and guidance in your professional development during your practical training completed in working life duties.
  • Your thesis tutor will support and guide you at all stages of the bachelor's thesis.
  • The library staff will guide you in the development of your information-seeking skills as a part of the development of your professional skills.
  • The international services staff will provide you with guidance in internationalisation opportunities, and especially in matters related to studies and practical training completed abroad.
  • The admission services staff will provide you with guidance and counselling if you are considering a change in degree programme or career or want to map out your opportunities for post-graduate studies.
  • The Start-up Factory will support you in the development of your entrepreneurial capabilities and/or business development as a part of your studies.
  • The alumni are graduates of the UAS, whose competence and work experience you can utilise.
  • The EduFutura and CampusOnline courses provide you with an opportunity to broaden or deepen your professional competence.
  • You can demonstrate your competence to potential employers/networks via electronic job-seeking services (e.g. LinkedIn).

Principle 4. Study guidance is sufficient and accessible and corresponds to your individual needs

  • The staff will answer your inquiries, e.g. emails, within one week at the latest. The contact information of staff members can be found from Jamk’s person search.
  • Career tutors and study counsellors: You can meet your career tutor and study counsellor on the campus or online. The key guidance staff will introduce themselves during the orientation week, and the means of contact will be explained then. The study counsellors’ contact information and online booking links can be found in the Study Guide.
  • Study affairs coordinator: Each degree programme has its own designated study affairs coordinator assisting you in issues such as getting your studies started, study entitlement, enrolment, structure of studies and graduation. Student services has an office at all Jamk’s campuses, and you are welcome to visit them during their opening hours or by appointment. You can also contact the student services by e-mail, phone or chat.
  • International services staff: The international coordinators assist the students of all degree programmes who are planning to pursue studies abroad. The international services staff provide information about studies and practical training abroad, the exchange opportunities, application periods, grants and the application process. The international services can be reached on every campus by appointment, as well as by the phone, e-mail and chat.
  • Admission services staff provide guidance on all matters related to the joint application process, transfer applications and regranting of study entitlement (bachelor’s and master’s degrees). The admission services will also assist if you are applying for a transfer to another degree programme within Jamk or participate in the application for open path studies.
  • Library provides you with library services, such as advice and guidance on information seeking from Jamk’s library or from the internet.

Principle 5. Study guidance secures accessibility

  • You can discuss your need for individual support in your studies with the study psychologist. The measures to support the progress of your studies will be jointly planned based of the assessment carried out. Where necessary, you can apply for individual study arrangements together with your study counsellor, which can be for example additional time in exams. You can also attend courses or groups that support your learning.
  • Jamk provides an opportunity to participate in dyslexia assessment, based on which support measures can be planned for your studies in collaboration with your study counsellor. The test is available for the native Finnish speakers.
  • The library provides you with an opportunity to get user credentials for the Celia library and obtain audio books and books written in braille.
  • In certain exchange programmes, the students who are about to start a study period abroad have the opportunity to apply for an accessibility grant for their study exchange based on a disability, illness or learning difficulty.
  • The principles and operating practices of accessibility can be found from the Study Guide.

Principle 6. Competent personnel that develop the operations are responsible for the study guidance services

  • All of those who guide you maintain and develop their guidance competence on a continuous basis.
  • Your career tutor has completed or is in the process of completing a Guidance and Counselling Expert badge.
  • Study counsellors have formal education and study psychologists are licenced psychologists.
  • Guidance is developed in response to the feedback received from students. Feedback is collected for example during the Grumble Weeks, through the AVOP graduand feedback questionnaire and the library’s feedback questionnaire.

Principle 7. Study guidance is a shared effort in which everyone takes part

Whenever you feel that you need support, you are welcome to turn to any person working at Jamk to help you in your situation or refer you to the right person or service.