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Student Health Services

Student health services at FSHS

The Finnish Student Health Service (FSHS) is an expert in student health care and, as a student in higher education, provides you with general health, oral health and mental health services and promotes the well-being of study communities.

You can use FSHS services in case you are studying for your Bachelor’s or Master’s degree and you have paid the health care fee to Kela. Please, read below about student health services for exchange and foreign students.

Your primary FSHS unit is the one in Jyväskylä. If necessary, you’ll be however permitted to book an appointment for an FSHS unit in another town. Digital remote services are in use regardless of the place.

Using FSHS Services - also Remotely

Your need for treatment will be assessed before booking an appointment for FSHS services, read more about booking an appointment. Contact information and opening hours of FSHS service units can be found on FSHS website.

You can also do business with FSHS online and remotely. Self is a student’s own online service through which you can maintain your contact information, manage appointments, chat, or arrive at a remote reception. Read more about Self and log in as a user right at the beginning of the study year.

The Healthcare Fee is paid to Kela

All students who are entitled to use FSHS services pay the healthcare fee to Kela. The healthcare fee is paid regardless of whether a student uses the services or not. Pay the healthcare fee if you are registered as attending and you study for a Bachelor's or a Master's level degree at a university of applied sciences. Healthcare fee for students in higher education -

Please, notice that Kela will not send you an invoice. Students are expected to pay the healthcare fee unprompted twice a year. Check the dates at Kela website.

Student Health Information Online

You can also find health information in the FSHS Health information resource where a wide range of articles related to student health, illness, mental health and oral health have been compiled.

Exchange Students and Foreign Students

Under the law, only students who are pursuing a degree in a Finnish higher education institution and are registered as attending for the current term are eligible for student health services.

If you are an exchange student from another country, you are not pursuing a degree in a Finnish higher education institution, and thus, you are not eligible for student health services. EU citizens can use the public healthcare services. Students from other countries must have private health insurance.

If you are completing a higher education degree at a Finnish higher education institution, you have to pay the healthcare fee for the months of attendance even when you pursue studies abroad. Where you live is not important.

If you are enrolled in a degree programme at a Finnish higher education institution and have registered as non-attending for the current term, you do not have to pay the healthcare fee.