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Student Benefits

On this page you will find information on accommodation, financial benefits, student meals and insurances for students.

Financial Aid for Students

You can apply for support for your degree studies from Kela. You can also apply for general housing allowance from Kela.

Adult students who have been employed may receive financial aid for their studies under certain conditions from the Education Fund. In such a case they are not entitled to government financial aid, except for the loan guarantee.

A jobseeker’s can study supported by unemployment benefit under certain conditions. Benefits of open studies path students is described on the open studies website.

Further Information for Foreign Students

Living costs in Finland are close to Western European average. No tuition fees are charged for students who are citizens of EU/EEA area. Please, read more information on the Tuition fees and scholarships website. Students must be prepared to pay for accommodation, food, travel, study materials, insurances, health care and other costs of living. Students must make sure that their incomes cover basic living costs for the entire time spent studying in Finland. Sufficient income is a prerequisite for residence permit, which has to be verified on applying for the permit. Further information on the income requirement of the Finnish Immigration Service.

There will be some initial expenses, such as the housing deposit, deposit for the ’survival kit’ (if you are an exchange student), and the Student Union membership fee. The Student Union charges a yearly membership fee to finance its activities. Students who have paid the membership fee and present a student card are entitled to discounts in student restaurants, public transport, leisure activities, services, and in some shops. Further information on the membership and benefits of Student Union JAMKO.

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Student Meals

Student can eat cheaply in the student restaurants of the University of Applied Sciences by presenting a valid student card or a Kela meal subsidy card. The affordability of the meals is based on the meal subsidy granted by Kela to a university student, which is EUR 2.30 per meal. Please, read more on the Kela website.

Student Restaurants and Cafés

Student Insurance

Insurance Cover For Degree Students

Students completing a degree at Jamk University of Applied Sciences are covered under the insurance policy as follows:

  1. All degree-seeking students of Jamk are covered by Statutory Accident Insurance during their unpaid practical training and during on-the-job learning and practical training classes that are comparable to work. The accident is also covered when it has been sustained immediately on the way from school or home to the location, appointed by the organizer, where practical training or on-the-job-training takes place and vice versa.  The insurance policy is in force everywhere in the world.
  2. Voluntary Group Insurance for Accidents supplements the statutory insurance. The insurance is in force during activities related to the curriculum or the degree plan, for example during theory lessons, breaks, exhibitions, and daily trips to campus and back. The insurance is in force worldwide during trips included in the curriculum. The student should be prepared to cover the cost of treatment by himself and then claim the refund from the insurance company.
  3. Trainee Insurance covers the damages the student has directly caused with his/her actions to the property owned, utilized, or otherwise held by the company organizing the practical training. Indemnity is paid provided that the accident is sudden and unpredictable. The insurance is, however, secondary and can only be used if the damage is not covered by some other insurance, such as property insurance of the company organizing the practical training.
  4. The scope of your Liability Insurance has been extended in such way that the insurance covers the student’s personal liability to pay damages if the student in connection with the practical training or on-the-job-training causes the employer or a third party bodily injury or material damage through more than slight negligence. Regarding injury caused to a third party, compensation is paid provided that the employer’s liability insurance does not cover the damage.

Please note

  • If a student receives salary during the internship, the student is covered under the accident insurance policy of the employer.
  • When travelling abroad, it is always recommended to take out a travel insurance policy which complements the insurance coverage (e.g. in case of travel illness, discontinuation, cancellation, and transportation back home).
  • Because exchange students are studying their degree in a foreign school, their studying at JAMK is not based on the laws mentioned in connection with the statutory accident insurance or the voluntary group accident insurance. Thus, exchange students should take out insurances of their own. For more information: Insurance Coverage for Exchange Students.


In case of an accident, please contact to receive further instructions studentservices(at)