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Internationalisation Through Studies

Why is Internationalisation so Important?

Every workplace values employees with international skills. When you choose studies in a foreign language or go abroad as part of your degree, you can develop your know-how and become a true professional in your chosen field. Strong language skills will help you keep up with the latest developments in your profession and extensive cultural knowledge is an asset when applying for a job.

Exchange Studies Abroad

Did you know that you can complete part of your degree abroad at one of Jamk's partner institutions or as a free mover? The destination country and duration of the exchange is up to you. At Jamk you can get grant money for several different mobilities abroad and all the credits you complete abroad will be added to your degree. You can apply for exchange studies in Mobility Online twice a year during the official application periods. 

Practical Training Abroad

Almost every Jamk degree includes mandatory practical training which can be completed abroad. It's a great way to get acquainted with a new working culture, especially if you are planning on working abroad after graduation. Also, don't forget practical training for recent graduates. You can apply for self-acquired practical training in Mobility Online all-year round.

Short Mobilities

If a longer exchange is not possible for you, why not participate in a summer school, study tour or an intensive course? They are wonderful options for those who are looking for shorter mobilities abroad.

Double Degree Studies

How about completing two separate degrees during your studies? In some degree programmes it's possible to complete a double degree at a partner institution abroad.

Internationalisation at Home

If going abroad is not an option for you, why not join Jamk's Friend Family Programme or become an international tutor? You can also choose some language and communication studies or participate in Jamk's Summer School together with students from all around the world. You don't always have to travel extensively to improve your international skills.

Thesis Abroad

If you wish, you also can write your thesis for a company abroad.

International Partners

You can see Jamk's international partners with an agreement on student and/or staff mobility in our Mobility Online portal. The information in the portal varies according to the agreement situation. 

In addition to these mobility partners, the Schools may have other international partners e.g. within projects or other cooperation forms.

You may ask more about the partner institutions and the contents of the mobility agreements also from Jamk's International Services.

How to filter information in the portal

  1. Click Agreements
  2. Fill in your search criteria
    • "Type of person": choose if you want to see agreements with student and/or staff mobility
    • "Type of application": choose if you want to see agreements with incoming and/or outgoing mobility
    • "Study field": choose the study field
    • Choose other search criteria; country, city etc.
    • The partners according to your search criteria are listed under heading "RESULT"
  3. Agreement information
    • To see valid agreement and exchange program information for each partner, click “agreements” (handshake icon)
      • "Program" field: SMS = study exchange, SMP = practical training exchange, STA = teaching assignments, STT = other than teaching assignments
      •  JAMK SMS/SMP/STA/STT means bilateral agreements (JAMK exchange)
      • Erasmus SMS/SMP/STA/STT means Erasmus+ agreements (Erasmus+ exchange)
    • Then, click the blue i -icon on the right side to see all information regarding the agreement

Accessibility in Exchanges

A special need is not an obstacle to internationalisation. It is also possible to apply for additional financial support from the National agency for an international mobility period. Continue reading.

Mobility Programmes at Jamk

International mobility is an integral part of Jamk's internationalisation. Mobility programmes give frameworks and enable a great deal of students and staff to study and work abroad.

Jamk Summer School

Jamk's International Summer School is a three weeks' educational period including lectures, workshops, get-togethers and interesting site visits.