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A new student, you can find further information on enrolment and right of absence at the end of this page.

Enrol for attendance or non-attendance

In order to retain their study entitlement, students must enrol for attendance/non-attendance via the Peppi system of Jamk every semester during the enrolment period. Non-enrolment (both for attendance and non-attendance) leads to loss of study entitlement.

Enrolment for the spring semester can be done simultaneously with the enrolment for the preceding autumn semester. If you want to change enrolment from attendance to non-attendance or vice versa you must contact Student Services. Students may change their attendance/non-attendance enrolment for a justified reason during the enrolment period, but not during the semester.

When you have enrolled for attendance, it guarantees
  • the right to enrol for and attend courses
  • to complete courses
  • to take part in student exchange or complete practical training abroad as a part of your studies
  • to receive guidance for your thesis
  • to complete supervised practical training
  • to apply for a degree certificate
  • the student and meal subsidies and the benefits associated with student union membership.
If you are not attending, you are not entitled
  • to attend classes
  • to register credits
  • to take part in student exchange or complete practical training abroad as a part of your studies
  • to complete the supervised practical training
  • to receive thesis guidance
  • to get student financial aid or other student benefits.
  • to the student status or the student card.

Even if you have enrolled as non-attending, you can take studies as Open Studies. The courses are the same as the ones you would take for your degree studies, and they will be accepted as part of your degree. The students can complete the amount of studies they wish to. The studies are subject to a fee.

Enrolment for Courses

Only students who have enrolled for attendance for the semester in question are entitled to complete degree-awarding studies, attend courses, participate in the supervised practical training, and to have their credits recorded.

You must enrol during the enrolment period in the Peppi student administration system of the university of applied sciences for each course implementation in which you intend to participate. It is advisable to check the implementation times of the course implementations in the schedules before enrolling to make sure the courses do not overlap. You can cancel your enrolment for a course implementation if the teacher has not yet approved you for the implementation. After this, the cancellation can be done by the teacher of the course in question.

The teacher of the implementation will confirm your enrolment. If more students enrol for an implementation than can be admitted, priority will be given to those students at whose group the implementation is targeted, for whom the implementation is compulsory or whose degree programme organises the implementation. Any remaining places will be filled in order of enrolment. As a general rule, students will be admitted to all elective implementations and those intended for the joint offering in order of enrolment. Please note that some implementations require the student to have completed the previous competence required for the implementation.

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Enrolment for Elective Studies

Enrolment for the interdisciplinary, elective studies of Jamk takes place in the same way as for the other courses of the degree programmes. All the offered courses might not be implemented due to too few participants. Enrolment for the Tutoring courses takes place directly to the student union JAMKO. Enrolment for some entrepreneurship and career studies must also be done separately. Instructions can be found in the course information in question. The elective as well as many other courses are filled based on order of enrolment.

First Contact Lesson

Students must be present in the first contact lesson of each course. If a student has a valid reason for absence, he/she must personally contact the teacher of the implementation before the first contact lesson. In the online courses, students must confirm his/her participation in the course as instructed by the teacher.

Further Information on Right of Absence for New Students

The applicant accepts the study place via service enrolling as an attending or non- attending student.

Students may enrol as non-attending students in their first year if they

  • are completing their military or civil service in accordance with the Conscription Act, Non-Military Service Act or Act on Women's Voluntary Military Service
  • need time off from their studies to care for their child in connection with birth or adoption
  • are incapable of commencing the studies due to personal illness or disability.

The absence must be verified with official documents during the enrolment period in Student Services. If the documents are insufficient or are not delivered during the enrolment period, the student in question will be enrolled as attending.

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