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Jamk course offering (=implementations) can be found in the Study Search service using different criteria, for example by filtering the search by degree programme, teaching language or teaching method. In addition to Jamk’s degree programmes with instruction in English, the degree programmes with instruction in Finnish also offer some courses and modules in English.

Courses listed in the Study Search under codes beginning with the letter “Y” are aimed at Master's Degree students.

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Other Studies

As a student, you have the opportunity to include free studies from other universities in your PLP. This is called cross-institutional studies. In addition, you can independently search for MOOC courses suitable for your studies.

Students must have their personal learning plan approved in advance by their career tutor (Bachelor's Degree students) or head of department (Master’s Degree students) for studies other than those offered by and in the scope of Jamk.

See the Elmo Student intranet for more detailed instructions on cross-institutional studies.