Work Package 2.3 closed through the successful completion of the Living Lab Trial at Beihua University, China

Xiang He

In the last week of April 2023, the Living Lab Trial at Beihua University successfully completed in Jilin, China, after a COVID-caused-delay of almost one year. Trials of the living labs at three Chinese partner institutions are of planned activities by GeNEdu Work Package (WP) 2.3, “Integrating digital technologies into nursing curricula”, initiated in autumn 2020. According to WP2.3 plan, the lab trial related activities started from spring 2022 in South China. Two Chinese institutions Guangzhou Health Science College and Guangdong Medical University have succeeded their living lab trials in early June 2022 (see the related GeNEdu news here), by when the project members from Beihua University participated via online for shadowing.

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For implementing the living lab trial at own campus, Beihua University conducted situational gerontological nursing practices in selected themes provided by WP2.3 expert team. The chosen themes at Beihua living lab are:

  • Supporting functional capacity of older people with the help of technology
  • Physiological measurements and monitoring of older people health with the help of technology
  • Prevention of dementia and Alzheimer disease
  • Interdisciplinary collaboration by using technology

For each of the themes, Beihua project team designed 2-3 cases to meet the clinical requirements of the situational practices, in total 10 cases. During the case practices, there were many participants on-site: older people volunteer as the clients/patients in the cases, nursing students acting as nurses, clinical experts invited from local healthcare organizations as evaluators, as well as tutor teachers of Beihua nursing faculty and project experts from Jamk University of Applied Sciences, Finland, as observers assessing the lab settings and trial outcome.

More photos of the trial and related post in Chinese texts are referred to the project news released via GeNEdu website Beihua on 27 April 2023: 我校举办老年护理乐龄实训工作坊活动-国际交流应用系统 (

Chinese nurses doing their studies

After 2 days of the trial at Beihua University, GeNEdu project team produced 10 student videos with recorded situational practice processes, 10 feedback forms from the elderly clients, 10 peer-assessments among students, more than 10 evaluations from the clinical experts and at least 20 teacher evaluations. Altogether with those output from Guangzhou Health Science College and Guangdong Medical University in last year, the living lab trial related indicators of WP2.3 are over met.

Alongside with the completion of living lab trial at Beihua University, we are very pleased to conclude that WP2.3, the biggest-workload part of GeNEdu project, is now accomplished. The project consortium thanks to all members contributed to the great work since autumn 2020, and looks forward to further exploitation of WP2.3 results in future.

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