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Ilkka´s alumni story: I would have chosen a degree programme in English

Ilkka Turunen
A Degree programme in English provides extensive skills and the ability to work in the field of modern multinational technology. Software business is already fundamentally international, and the current remote work model speeds up this development.

Ilkka Turunen graduated as a Bachelor of Software Engineering after his studies at Jamk in 2007-2011. Ilkka completed his internship, a compulsory part of the Bachelor studies, in a national research program called the Cloud Software Program, where he investigated cloud services.

Ilkka thinks back on his studies in good spirits; in particular, basics in programming and project studies (currently WIMMA Lab) have stuck lastingly in his memory . In the field of ICT, learning in practice is of utmost importance, since the field is as much about using services and knowing best practices as it is programming. 

The studies provided a good and extensive basis for understanding both new trends in software business and solid programming skills as well as a knowledge base on which to build wide-ranging services. Ilkka states that he would have chosen a degree program in English had it been offered in engineering education during his time. In Ilkka’s opinion, studying in English also teaches valuable interaction skills that are advantageous in any career. 

Currently Ilkka works for Software supply chain management company Sonatype as Field Chief Technology Officer (Field CTO). His duties include running the Solutions architecture group and representing customers’ technical requirements to the CTO Office.

Ilkka Turunen, Field CTO, Sonatype