Double-Degree Program, Partner: Esslingen University of Applied Sciences, Germany, since 2011

Since 2000 Esslingen University of Applied Sciences has been strategic partner with Jamk University of Applied Sciences. In 2011 both partners came up with the idea of doing Double Degree Program in Mechanical Engineering. After intensive work on curriculum comparison and design, the Double Degree Program launched successfully in 2012. Soon after, Jamk and Esslingen launched the second Double Degree Program in Electrical and Automation.

The one-year DD study at host UAS consists of mainly professional core courses and laboratory work, but language and culture studies are also included for strengthening student’s international competences. After the study semester at host university, students complete either a supervised internship or do thesis work at a local company. This is a very rewarding form of engineering education, and this program has aroused great interest among students from both sides.

Double-Degree Program is a good way to study effectively and internationally! I recommend studying abroad and accepting a challenge for anyone who wants to develop as a person and get to know their own limits in foreign circumstance. The ability to adapt to new situations and changes is a very important skill, which is certainly useful in many ways. – Students’ comment

Companies, where students have done the internship and/or final thesis, have been very satisfied with students' work, even some German students have got job offers from local Finnish companies after the internship and/or final thesis work and in the same way some Jamk students from German companies.

Jamk’s Bachelor's Degree Program in Mechanical Engineering has been awarded the European EUR-ACE Bachelor Quality Label, which means that the program meets the quality standards of the European Union. Jamk’s Mechanical Engineering Program includes automation studies and robotics besides the content of traditional mechanics and machine building. In this program Jamk training students how to uses modern calculus, simulation and design software tools in mechanical designing, automated production and manufacturing technologies to develop intelligent factories and machines for the future needs. 

Jamk‘s Degree Program in Electrical and Automation Engineering train students how to design the automation, measurements, controls, adjustments, and user interfaces contained in production lines and products. Besides, it also prepares students with excellent competence in design, developing and implementing new systems and solutions related to electrification and automation for the needs of industry, transport, housing and more.