customer story

CyberSec4Europe, Flagship 1 Cyber Security Exercise, 1/2021

Flagship 1 was an online executed cyber security exercise conducted by Jamk cyber security research, development, and training centre JYVSECTEC within the framework of CyberSec4Europe Project. Total 36 attendees from 22 affiliates participated placed into a fictional organisation’s Digital Forensic Investigation and Response (DFIR) teams. Each team’s task was to independently investigate a cyberattack and respond to it. Attending the exercise required no previous experience in such exercises nor a technical background.

The technical exercise environment was implemented in an existing Realistic Global Cyber Environment (RGCE), a cyber arena developed and operated by JYVSECTEC. The cyber arena is isolated from the real Internet and has in total over 6,000 virtual machines replicating the Internet and various organisations. 

The exercise was initially planned to be held in the premises of Jamk, located in Jyväskylä, Finland. Due to the COVID-19 situation, the event was online-only, which means the existing plans were modified to meet the changed situation. 

According to the received feedback and in-situ observation, the attendees found the exercise beneficial. Reportedly, they learned new tools and processes, experienced how DFIR teamwork and understood the need for efficient team internal communication, need for communicating to internal and external stakeholders and interest parties. The exercise showcased that cyber security exercises can develop teamwork, the individuals’ skills, knowledge, and abilities. Simultaneously it was showcased that in the cyber security exercise an organisation can test and evaluate its guidelines and procedures, their correctness and relevance to the organisation, as well as test new tools and systems.

RGCE has many ready-made different business sector specific organization environments which represents certain field of business, which provide customer with the exact training and exercise environment corresponds to their business sector. 

Besides public authorities, JYVSECTEC also provide its advanced environment and expertise in cyber security exercises for different business sectors. For example, Cooperative Society Keskimaa (who owns Finland's largest grocery store) and Telia (mobile network operator) conducted an exercise for the prevention of cyber-attacks and preparation for them.