All bachelor’s degrees completed in universities of applied sciences include a practical training period. Most of the bachelor’s theses and a lot of projects are also implemented for companies and organisations. The practical work included in the studies is a resource that companies and organisations can tap into to develop their operations or to have undone work done. See for yourself what we can offer you!

Bachelor’s Thesis or Master’s Thesis could be a solution to your problem

A Bachelor’s Thesis is part of every bachelor’s degree in a university of applied sciences. Most of JAMK’s theses are assignments from companies, organisations and communities. The aim of the thesis is to enhance the students’ professional competences, and at the same time respond to the development needs of companies and organisations in the region. In the theses, the students apply the theory and working methods they have learnt in practical work environments. In bachelor’s degrees, the thesis accounts for 15 credits (about three months of full-time work).

The outcome of a thesis varies, depending on the field of study. A thesis can be
• practical development project
• product or event
• study

Typical planning and development projects include the design and implementation of a quality manual, marketing plan, business plan, familiarisation/orientation plan, operating instruction, or a process or production line. A thesis can also consist of the design and implementation of an event or programme package, new product, fashion collection or multimedia product. A study is research project. The objectives of the project are however practically oriented. The aim is to solve a problem by means of theoretical and empirical research.

Master’s theses apply research data and chosen methods to solve practical problems in demanding professional environments. The Master’s Thesis accounts for 30 credits (about six months of full-time work).

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