Student work provides a range of opportunities for organisational development. Students also contribute to competence development at workplaces!

Trainees, theses and projects

All bacherlor degrees include practical training completed in working life and a thesis. These, as well as student projects, are usually implemented in collaboration with working life. When you want to hire an undergraduate or recently graduated student, please contact our practical training contact persons. You will find them at the end of this page, listed by field of study. You can also use our notification form.

Trainee from JAMK

Practical training is an integral part of the student's professional development. Through trainees, a company will have an opportunity to contribute to the creation of the makers of the future. At the same time, the organisation becomes renowned as an employer.

In the employers’ experience, trainees develop not only their own competence, but also that of their practical training place. The trainee’s recently acquired knowledge and skills can be put to use in duties for which suitable skills or resources would otherwise not be found. Examples include development duties and internationalisation efforts at the practical training place or, for example, the exploitation of social media.

For more detailed information about duties that are suitable for practical training purposes, contact our practical training contact persons.

Duration of internship and job assignments

The scope and timing of practical training varies according to the degree programme. In midwifery studies, for example, the scope of practical training is 120 credits, and in business administration studies 30 credits. The practical training can also be completed in shorter parts.

During their practical training, the students will, under guidance, familiarise themselves with work duties that are essential in view of their professional studies and learn to apply their knowledge and skills in working life. The duties serve the employers’ needs and the student’s own intended learning outcomes.

Practical training guidance, agreement and salary

For the duration of their practical training, the student will have tutors assigned to them both at the place of their practical training and at the UAS. Guidance will mainly be provided by the practical training tutor at the place of practical training, who will familiarise the student with their duties and the special characteristics of the professional field concerned and support their professional growth.Practical training also involves familiarisation with the work environment and culture of the place of practical training.

A practical training agreement will be concluded on the practical training period between the employer, the trainee and the UAS, in which the duration, work duties and intended learning outcomes of the practical training are agreed upon. If an employment relationship exists between the student and the employer during the practical training, a valid employment contract must also be concluded for the practical training period. The content of the employment contract, including matters such as the working hours and salary, will be agreed upon between the parties.

Insurance in internship

A trainee in an employment relationship is included within the scope of the statutory workers’ compensation insurance taken out by the place of practical training. If the practical training is unsalaried, the student is included within the accident insurance taken out by the UAS. As far as liability insurance is concerned, a student in practical training is considered to have the same status as the employees in the place of practical training who are in an employment relationship.

International trainee

Is your organization aiming for internationalization and expanding business to international markets? Part of the internationalization can also be carried out internally by an international trainee.

An international trainee improves your Finnish employees' ability to work in a multicultural work environment and gives them an opportunity to practice practical language skills at the workplace. If your business grows into a particular country, a well trained trainee of this culture can familiarize yourself with the business culture of the country and help establish contacts with potential partners in their home country. After returning to Finland, the trainee can pass on knowledge and positive images of Finland as a work and living environment.

About 600 foreign students are studying at JAMK each year. Some of them complete the degree in Finland, part of the shorter period here either by practicing or studying. The aim is for more and more students to get a traineeship from our country. Through co-operation institutions and networks, there is a chance to get a trainee almost anywhere in the world because foreign students come to JAMK University of Applied Sciences from several continents.

Thesis – when you are seeking to resolve a problem

Nearly all theses are written for companies and organisations. The thesis serves the development needs of working life and strengthens the student’s professional skills. When compiling their thesis, the student will apply the theory and work methods of their professional field into practice. If your company has a thesis topic available, please do not hesitate to contact our coordinators or use our notification form

Completing the thesis

The thesis output can be a working life development project, product, event or a study. Examples of planning and development projects include the planning and implementation of a quality manual, marketing or business plan, induction plan, operating instruction, process or production line. The planning and implementation of a product, event or programme service package can also be presented as a thesis. A study is closest to conventional academic research. The objectives of a study, however, are practical: the study seeks to resolve a specific problem in the field concerned by means of theory and empirical research.

A Master’s thesis applies research-based knowledge and uses selected methods for analysing and resolving working-life problems in demanding expert duties.

Thesis scope

The scope of a Bachelor’s thesis is 15 ECTS credits, which is equivalent to about three months’ full-time working.

The scope of a Master’s thesis is 30 ECTS credits, which in practice is equivalent to about six months’ full-time working.

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JAMK student projects for working life

In student projects, your company may make use of an existing course in such a way that a study, solution or event that supports the company’s business operations is implemented during the course. You can also propose a multidisciplinary project topic outside of the course scope. Joint projects are created in response to a problem that a company or organisation is facing, to which a solution is sought for in collaboration with the company’s representatives, students and teachers who instruct them. You can plan the forms and content of the cooperation together with the teacher responsible for the course. Ask for more information from our contact persons or use our notification form.

Project topics

You may search our course offerings for student project topics or ideas. Your company’s student project may relate to topics such as more effective utilisation of information technology, development of the procurement process, analysis of transportation costs, machine design, product development or data security.

Contact persons in Social and health care

Blek Tiina

Lehtori, Senior Lecturer
HYVI Terveysala, Health Studies
Hyvinvointi, School of Health and Social Studies

Contact persons in business and services

Svärd Erica

Lehtori, Senior Lecturer
Liiketalous, Business Administration
Liiketoiminta, School of Business
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M.Sc. (Econ.)

Hynynen Piia

Koulutussihteeri, Education Secretary
Global Competence, Global Competence
Liiketoiminta, School of Business
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Miikkulainen Ilari

Lehtori, Senior Lecturer
Global Competence, Global Competence
Liiketoiminta, School of Business

Kiviaho Niko

Lehtori, Senior Lecturer
Global Competence, Global Competence
Liiketoiminta, School of Business

Silvennoinen Pauliina

Lehtori, Senior Lecturer
Opettajankoulutus, Teacher Education
Ammatillinen opettajakorkeakoulu, Teacher Education College
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Customer Proposal:
Learning facilitator for organizations, teams, alive and online. Tough but not mean in tutoring.

Blinnikka Petra

Lehtori, Senior Lecturer
Matkailu ja palvelut sekä YAMK, Tourism and Service Business and Master´s Degrees
Liiketoiminta, School of Business
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Contact persons in technology and natural resources

Lappalainen-Kajan Tarja

Lehtori, Senior Lecturer
IT, Institute of Information Technology
Teknologia, School of Technology

Hukari Sirpa

Lehtori, Senior Lecturer
Teollisuustekniikka, Industrial Engineering
Teknologia, School of Technology

Kakko Anneli

Lehtori, Senior Lecturer
Teollisuustekniikka, Industrial Engineering
Teknologia, School of Technology

Franssila Tommi

Lehtori, Senior Lecturer
Logistiikka, Logistics
Teknologia, School of Technology

Heinonen Ulla

Lehtori, Senior Lecturer
Biotalousinstituutti, Institute of Bioeconomy
Teknologia, School of Technology

Korpinen Jussi

Lehtori, Senior Lecturer
Teollisuustekniikka, Industrial Engineering
Teknologia, School of Technology
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