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Are you eager to develop your competencies in advanced nursing practice?

Master of health care

Endless carees opportunities

Are you looking for new opportunities in nursing? Do you wish to work with a higher level of autonomy beyond that of a generalist nurse? Are you eager to develop your competencies in advanced nursing practice? 


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04.01.2023 - 18.01.2023
Master of Health Care, Advanced Practise Nursing
Study modes
Part-time studies

The focus of the programme

The focus is on providing master-level education for experienced nurses who wish to work in clinical care with more varied and demanding responsibilities. This programme prepares you to achieve competencies in several areas such as translating evidence into practice, assessing and managing common health problems, and leading changes to improve quality care outcomes. Our vision is that the advanced level of nursing integrates leadership, education, and research and emphasizes direct advanced clinical care.
If you are looking for more autonomy in your work and eager to develop your competencies in advanced nursing practice – this is the perfect programme for you. 

The International Council of Nurses’ recommendations for advanced practice nursing and Finnish Nurse practitioner’s competence areas have served as a basis for the programme planning. You can choose between two options of conducting your studies: a hybrid model of 1.5 – 2-year duration or a fast-track model of 1.5-year duration. The plan is to have six face-to-face study days per semester. Throughout the studies, you will have the opportunity to apply advanced theoretical knowledge into clinical practice. The APN programme is open to both Finnish and non-Finnish residents.


How to apply in January

Short step-by-step instructions on how to apply.

How to apply for Master's Degrees

How to apply for Master's Degrees

Application timetable and selection criteria for Master's degree programmes conducted in English. Apply 4 - 18 January 2023 by 3 p.m.!
School of Health and Social Studies

School of Health and Social Studies

Our cooperation in the national and international networks relays our expertise far and wide. At the same time, it creates new information and competence for the operators in our region.

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